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Utopia Talk / Politics / I'm a huge fan of Vox
Mon Nov 11 18:31:49
Far Right Vox Party Surges Amid Socialist Win in Spain

(MADRID) — Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists won Spain’s national election on Sunday but large gains by the upstart far-right Vox party appear certain to widen the political deadlock in the European Union’s fifth-largest economy.

The big political shift came as right-wing voters flocked to Vox, which only had broken into Parliament in the spring for the first time. Sunday’s outcome means there will be no immediate end to the stalemate between forces on the right and the left in Spain, suggesting the country could go many more weeks or even months without a new government.

The far-right party led by 43-year-old Santiago Abascal, who speaks of “reconquering” Spain in terms that echo the medieval wars between Christian and Moorish forces, rocketed from 24 to 52 seats. That will make Vox the third leading party in the Congress of Deputies, giving it much more leverage in forming a government and crafting legislation.

The party has vowed to be much tougher on both Catalan separatists and migrants.


Viva Vox!
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Nov 11 21:42:09
From wiki sounds like your people

The party platform sought to rewrite the constitution to abolish regional autonomy and parliaments.

endorsing anti-Islam as well as criticism of multiculturalism and criticizing immigration from Muslim countries,[48][49] but at the same time promoting immigration from countries of Latin America in order to repopulate Spain.

Vox is considered antifeminist and wants to repeal the gender violence law

The party has also appealed to conspiracy theories invoking the figure of Jewish philanthropist George Soros as mastermind behind Catalan separatism and the alleged "Islamization" of Europe

Vox has also featured some former neo-Nazis in party cadres and lists

large member
Tue Nov 12 02:45:38
So you are completely done with the idea of state rights, then?
Tue Nov 12 07:58:45

What in the actual Earth made you think that the American system of governance is applicable to Spain here?
Tue Nov 12 08:15:01

Stop it. I can only get so hard.

Politics aside, few things would warm my heart more than if this Vox sued your favorite propaganda site for trademark infringement and drove them into financial ruin.

You should actually be embarrassed that you used to call out Fox News for biased coverage, given the explicit propaganda you currently consume.

Tue Nov 12 09:27:55
” Ezra Klein (born 1984) is an American journalist, blogger, and political commentator who co-founded Vox
[...] Klein is a middle child,[6] raised in a Jewish family”

Matthew Yglesias [...] is an editor and columnist for the news website Vox, which he co-founded in 2014. [...] his three other grandparents were of Eastern European Jewish descent.”

Why do you hate Jews, Rugian?
Tue Nov 12 10:25:23
Those two Jews specifically? Well let's see:

"Vox media bias rating is Left.

Vox has a Left media bias. In Sept. 2018, the AllSides team conducted an extensive editorial review and decided to shift Vox from a Lean Left to a Left media bias rating.

The AllSides team found that Vox consistently writes favorably about Left-leaning policies and never includes a Right-leaning perspective. Articles on Vox.com have tied President Trump to fascism, and its "Explainers" section almost never includes Right-leaning opinions or viewpoints. Vox's Explainers provide only one side of an issue, making it seem as if the information provided is all readers need to know, when in reality, Right-leaning individuals would likely include other facts or make different points about the topic. This prevents readers from getting a holistic understanding of the highlighted issues.

AllSides notes that Vox often frames news and issues as if the Left perspective is the only perspective, and its hard news articles include commentary that is subjective in nature. Vox often blurs the line between news and editorial. One AllSides team member noted Vox "seems like advocacy outlet for the Democratic Party, showing all the "news" you'd like to hear as a Democrat.""

large member
Tue Nov 12 10:31:00
Vox is riding on a federalist wave. Your selective support of federalism has always touched me.
Tue Nov 12 10:43:52
It's only "selective" in the sense that I dont particularly care about the Spanish constitutional structure.

For the record, I also dont particularly care about abolishing the Spanish monarchy. Want to start accusing me of abandoning my belief in republicanism?
Tue Nov 12 10:52:31
Anyway, given how badly the post-WWII order has fucked the political outlook of most western Europeans, you could definitely use some legislators who arent afraid of being proud of their nation-states.
Sun Nov 17 12:28:13
Rugian's mind is like a computer

Sun Nov 17 12:29:55
Wed Nov 20 00:32:00
Spain has nothing to do with you dumbass. But when you're a typical dumbass reactionary like Rugian bouncing from fake far-right controvery to fake far-right controverys; your ability to set an agenda relevant to your own life disappears.
Wed Nov 20 19:38:35
“It's only "selective" in the sense that I dont particularly care about the Spanish constitutional structure. ”

jergul said you are not a federalism supporter, because you only support federalism when it suits you, ie you are a selective supporter of federalism. You confirmed it, but for some reason, your post looks like you are contradicting jergul, like you have a problem with being called selective federalism supporter. This is how misunderstandings occur
large member
Thu Nov 21 03:07:36
Thank you for that clarification!
Thu Nov 21 13:17:51
You know, I reread Rugian’s post a few times, it didn’t make sense for some reason. The post looks like a rebuttal, but actually rugian is agreeing with you completely.
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