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Utopia Talk / Politics / President Obama says Dems are Crazy
Mon Nov 18 19:09:00
The former president encouraged Democrats to think practically about policies that will appeal to regular voters. “I think it is very important for all the candidates who are running at every level to pay some attention to where voters actually are and how they can actually think about their lives,” Obama said.

“The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it,” Obama said. “They just don't want to see crazy stuff.”
Thu Nov 21 17:37:34
He is just telling people to think twice before voting for Bernie.

Not that universal healthcare is crazy stuff.
Fri Nov 22 01:51:22
Nah he is telling Democrats they better pay attention and start talking about shit that will get the people to the polls. What they are going on about now isn't going to excite the voters enough to actually go out and vote.

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