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Utopia Talk / Politics / another Trump associate indicted
the wanderer
Thu Nov 21 15:03:03
Charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust have been unveiled against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate corruption cases, the Attorney General announced on Thursday evening, marking the first time in Israel's history that a sitting PM faces indictment in criminal investigations.

full article:
Thu Nov 21 17:06:18
Trump, Mohammed, Bolsonaro. They are all gangsters. Associates of Netanyahu and the global Zionist mafia.

Both Mohammed and Bolsonaro are being linked to brutal murders. Netanyahu kills Palestinian civilians almost every day.

Not sure if Trump has killed anyone yet. But if he has, he probably ordered the assassination of Epstein.
the wanderer
Thu Nov 21 22:23:34
he killed some Kurds, & this baby's parents:
& all dignity of the White House
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