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Utopia Talk / Politics / America has lost interest in girls
Fri Nov 22 09:20:19

Looks like there is no longer any demand for young beautiful women in lingerie in America.

What happened? Are you all into obese women now? Is that the new trend?

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Has Been Canceled As Consumers Demand More Diversity

After nearly 25 years, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is done as the company struggles to find its voice in an era were body diversity and inclusivity has gained more traction with consumers.

L Brands, which owns the lingerie brand, confirmed in an earnings call Thursday that it was canceling this storied runway event as the company tries to change the way it communicates with customers.

L Brands CFO Stuart Burgdoerfer said Victoria's Secret, which has been losing market share, was steering away from older, more flashy marketing traditions to address declining sales.

"As communicated previously, we think it's important to evolve the marketing of Victoria's Secret — that is happening in certain respects now, and I think there will be more to come," he said. "If that continues to get evaluated, again, we believe the most important thing is the quality of the merchandise itself."

He also promised that Victoria's Secret would be putting on something "similar in magnitude to the fashion show" this holiday season.

The move comes after months of uncertainty surrounding the show, which, in the age of #MeToo, has lost a lot of its appeal. It was not unexpected — in July, model Shanina Shaik told the Daily Telegraph the show was ending.

First held in 1995, the televised runway show quickly became a cultural phenomenon, drawing millions of viewers and cementing the celebrity status of supermodels like Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, and Heidi Klum.

However, the event's draw began to diminish as consumers steered away from idolizing extremely thin women in underwear, instead demanding more diverse, inclusive, and relatable models.

Last December, Business Insider noted that 3.3 million people watched the lingerie runway show on ABC, down from 5 million viewers in 2017 and 6.7 million in 2016.

The drop in viewership came a few months after Ed Razek, a top executive at Victoria's Secret, said in a controversial Vogue interview that he didn't think they should "have transsexuals" or plus-size models in the show because they didn't sell.

"Why not?" he added. "Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special."

His comments sparked backlash, with models like Karlie Kloss leaving the brand and singer Halsey calling out the company for lack of diversity as she performed at the 2018 fashion show.

Razek resigned in August.

On Twitter, users reacted with mixed emotions. Some praised the news, with one person saying that VS "now finds themselves irrelevant" because they never included "anyone above a size zero."

"Byeeeeee, we won't miss 'em," another person tweeted.

Fri Nov 22 15:48:18
Political correctness happened. If you offend two or three people that have enough brain cells to feign outrage on twitter you are shut down. Stand-up comedy is also taking a big hit.
Cherub Cow
Fri Nov 22 15:50:48
...I don’t know what proof they think they have that a lack of diversity has eaten into interest. The fall of interest in things like that probably has a lot more to do with the rise of porn.
Fri Nov 22 23:42:11
Victoria's Secret is just less popular than it use to be because of brand mismanagement. Politics has nothing to do with it. Bad brand management is all of it.

I remember fondly my favorite models back in the 90's and 00's. Can't think of one recently that strikes out. Gotta advertise that stuff.
Sat Nov 23 02:31:17
Maybe the lingerie models has seen more and more competition. From the music industry for an example where girls like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, I think were running around in lingerie on stage. They are performers. A popstar can dress in lingerie AND sing, while the regular model is just a cat walker. So maybe the popstar outcompeted the cat walk model.

It may also be that there are an abundance of girls in lingerie today (maybe much thanks to Victoria Secrets?). We see them everywhere. If you go out to a nightclub, they are there. If you go to a concert, they are there on stage. If you watch media/internet they are there.

Maybe it is like it was with porn. In the beginning you had all these porn stars. But then came the regular girl, the amateur. Regular people started to record porn videos, so today we really don’t see porn stars anymore. Maybe it is the same with the lingerie/supermodel. But I still think they could have these fashion shows when they launch a new collection of lingerie. It is not wrong to see a professional model pose in their products. How else are they going to advertise and sell their new collection of lingerie to the ordinary woman?
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