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Utopia Talk / Politics / Strange dream (OT)
Sun Dec 01 16:38:28
I had this dream that the world was coming to a fiery end, like cataclysmic with fire raining down from the sky. I knew there was no escape, but I was desperately trying to save myself, my son and wife, riding a robot T-rex, which I am pretty sure was a Jeep at the start of the dream.

At some point we reach a multistory parking lot and I decide to hide my son in fuse box because he would be safe there while I tried to find a way past all the bad guys, I don't remember what they were exactly. Quickly I am lost in this maze of a parking lot, I decide to turn back but realize I forgot where I put my son and everywhere I turn is a dead end full of the bad hings that I needed to avoid. As things get ridiculously complex I don't even remember what I was looking for, I gradually become aware something is fishy, wasn't the world going to end (??) then why am I riding around on a robot T-Rex in a parking lot? I have now lost all motivation to find the thing I was looking for and I decide to stop playing this stupid fucking game (it felt like a puzzle game at that point) and woke up.

Dear UP, what does my dream mean?
Sun Dec 01 16:51:47
God damnit get your ass on the phone with Michael bay, this is going to be the next transformers film starring Mark whalberg.
Sun Dec 01 17:05:06
I don't know what any of that means, but dreaming sounds like it's great fun.

I wouldn't know because I'm dead inside.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Dec 01 17:06:41
Several elements in there indicate you're deeply dissatisfied with your current situation in life.
Sun Dec 01 17:24:57
You do know that electrical dangers exist.

Son in a fuse box.
Forgot where you put him or did you?

Protect him from electrical danger.

Burned flesh smells...

Pleasant dreams!
Sun Dec 01 18:30:36
I dreamt last night....i had to turn myself into jail but it seemed more like a work release I guess so before hand I kept eating acid tabs.....dead serious.
Mon Dec 02 08:01:47
>>Several elements in there indicate you're deeply dissatisfied with your current situation in life.<<

It has been a very stressful year at work and at home, I have not been able to work out for over 1 year. I would agree with this assessment. Even when the dream went from nightmare to PC game, it was not a fun game, it felt stupid and intentionally confusing. I just gave up at the end, it felt like pressing ALT F4 and instantly waking up.
Mon Dec 02 10:35:15
Well, you obviously has some troubles in real life. First of all, it troubles you that it is so hard to find a spot where you can park your car. And being a parent you obviously wants to protect your son from this wicked world and all bad things in it, hence hiding him in the fuse box. Why a fuse box? Well, maybe your wife told you to fix something with the fuse box, so you have an image of a fuse box in your brain. It must be a large box though if your son can fit inside it.

The robot T-Rex, I don’t necessarily think that your son wants one for Christmas, because you would have remembered that when u woke up. I think it’s about that a) you want a son who wants a robot T-Rex, or b) you wanted a robot T-Rex for Christmas when you were kid, or c) you unknowingly want a T-Rex rather than a Jeep for Christmas.

To sum it up. I think all of this means that you are worried about the future, the safety of your son, and then on top of it you are stressed because Christmas is coming and you hate to search for a parking spot. You also hate all the idiots and the Christmas-frenzy at the shopping mall. So you are thinking how u can avoid them, or perhaps how u can avoid Christmas shopping altogether by making it easy for yourself and only buy a robot T-Rex to your son.

Not much info on your wife in your dream, so maybe she is the least of your problems. So maybe all things are not that bad.
Mon Dec 02 10:41:05
Sounds to me that you confused multiple dreams. Maybe your subconscious is sorting your ego to deal with the anxiety you are experiencing.

No one can tell if life is or isn't actually a dream. The body rests during sleep, not the brain.

Mon Dec 02 13:15:19
You make good points para, I do hate looking for a parking spot.

It was all one dream TJ, it just transitioned from being a nightmare to and equally intense but frustrating game scenario.

I need a vacation...
Mon Dec 02 13:32:21
A vacation is probably a good idea. :)
Tue Dec 03 18:37:00
I want to go to New Zealand on my next vacation.
Tue Dec 03 20:50:25
A vacation or get regular blowjobs from the misses.
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