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Utopia Talk / Politics / OT: Honorably discharged from
Mon Dec 02 15:39:16
the Navy 55 years ago today at Treasure Island. Bought a 54 Chevy and drove that home to Pennsylvania. It burned 3 qts. of oil per tank of gas. made it to Bakersfield Calif. and had two lifters and push rods replaced. That got it running on 6 cyl. Had a thermostat put in in Memphis to get heat. Replaced the generator in Roanoke Va. and made it to Bristol Pa the next day. What a ride. I needed that after a year and half on Midway Island.
Mon Dec 02 19:29:29
Thanks for your service
Cherub Cow
Mon Dec 02 19:59:26
55 years ago? Geeze.. move on already ;)
Mon Dec 02 21:16:54
Cheers. Here's to 55 years more of great memories :)
smart dude
Tue Dec 03 00:33:29
You're welcome for the tax dollars that bought your car. And thanks for trashing the environment with that gas-guzzling hunk of junk.
Tue Dec 03 04:49:46
smart dude, I worked for those tax dollars, therefore had the right to spend them. That car got me back and forth to work for about 4 months and traded it in on my favorite car, 64 Malibu SS 283 4 speed. Had lots of great memories in that car.
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