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Utopia Talk / Politics / One thing Trump is good at...
Sat Dec 21 11:42:03
He does what he says which can be good or bad but he seems to habe kept all of his major campaign promises with one exception that I can think of being the infrastructure overhaul which he said once usmca ( Nafta 2) is done he would work on that. So hopefully thats next.
Average Ameriacn
Sat Dec 21 12:00:30
Hillary is not yet locked up!

the wanderer
Sat Dec 21 12:26:59
some more for the exceptions list

- he said he would get rid of the national *debt* over 8 years, yet so far he's skyrocketing the *deficit*

- no repeal/replace Obamacare (not hugely his fault, although the fact he learns nothing about any plans and has no understanding of Obamacare is pathetic)

- he said he'd make every illegal go back (probably was a big selling point for his candidacy)

- he has not brought back coal that i'm aware of (probably was a big selling point for his candidacy to a small but important segment)

- the 'wall' is primarily all replacement of existing fence so far, maybe he's finally gotten some new miles by now? not sure (certainly can't trust a word out of the administration about it)

--- Mexico is definitely NOT paying for it

- no obvious progress w/ N Korea or Iran that i'm aware of despite his rosy claims, & Iran now doing stuff they probably wouldn't be doing if we stayed in agreement

- “I would bring back waterboarding, and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” ... i assume that hasn't happened

- he claimed there was a middle class tax cut ready to roll out before midterms (not a soul knew anything about it)

- he's claimed he would end birthright citizenship at multiple points in time i believe

- he claimed he would be presidential

- he claimed he wouldn't have time for golf

doubtful he'll get to that infrastructure deal, due to his deficit problem... almost certainly not the 2 trillion figure he tossed out

there's also heaps of crazy shit that we sometimes hear about or will never hear about like him ordering Seoul evacuated...
Tue Jan 07 16:13:47

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