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Tue Dec 24 14:21:57
putting aside all of our differences that separate, I hope everyone has a very enjoyable holiday season.
the wanderer
Tue Dec 24 15:23:08
you people aren't the real problem, so sure, happy holidays
Tue Dec 24 15:36:29
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, and what ever other holiday to all of you.
large member
Tue Dec 24 18:43:36
Merry Christmas!
Tue Dec 24 18:56:51
Merty Christmas to everyone, happy hannukah to hood.
Tue Dec 24 18:57:47
You're all faggots.
Tue Dec 24 19:34:47
Merry Christmas
Tue Dec 24 22:41:18
Merry Christmas
smart dude
Tue Dec 24 22:50:36
Happy kwanzaa
Tue Dec 24 23:11:08
Merry Christmas to everyone except multi losers, even Seb, Cuckhat, and Cuckhat's wife's lover
Tue Dec 24 23:56:55
My wife has many lovers. All female. And they are all my lovers as well.

Sucks to be locked down to the first girl you got pregnant huh foreskin?
Wed Dec 25 01:00:06
Wed Dec 25 04:13:29

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said,“Every people have their `Eid…” Some celebrations are of a religious nature, and some others are social and cultural. Some celebrations are based on beliefs and practices that are contrary to Islamic teachings, and some celebrations are not of that nature. Some people claim that Christmas is now a secular holiday and it is very much an American national holiday rather than a religious holiday. But it is wrong to assume that because this holiday is national, it has ceased to be Christian. It is true that this holiday is very popular and it is extremely commercialized; nevertheless it is basically a religious holiday. Its very name and all its symbolism is Christian through and through.

Christians celebrate at Christmas what they believe to be the “day of the birth of God’s Son” or what they call “God Incarnate”. Thus it is not only a celebration of another religion, it is also a celebration that is based on a belief that is totally against the teachings of Islam. From the Islamic point of view, the belief in the “Son of God” or “God in the flesh” is a blasphemy andkufr (denial of God’s Oneness). By participation in Christmas, it is possible that slowly one may lose his or her consciousness of this basic point of difference.

Muslims must be very careful in this matter. The greatest danger is for our next generation, who may slowly lose their Islamic faith intawhid and may start believing in Jesus as “more than a prophet and servant of Allah”.

The argument that “Christmas is, after all, Prophet Jesus’ birthday and so there is no harm in celebrating Christmas” is neither logical nor Islamic. Why should Muslims celebrate Jesus’ birthday? Why not the birthdays of the other 24 prophets and messengers who are mentioned in the Qur’an by name?

For us Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the final Prophet and Messenger of Allah, not Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus was the last one and they say that “after God spoke through many prophets … in these last days he spoke to us through his son whom he made to inherit every thing” (New Testament, Hebrews 1:1). Thus they celebrate his coming, but for us Muslims, Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet and Allah appointed him for all people and for all times to come.

I do agree that our little children are deeply affected with the festivities and glitter of this holiday. We should try to take them to some Islamic camps and conferences at this time and give them some other alternate programs and activities. But Muslim families should not have Christmas trees in their homes, nor should they put up lights inside or outside their homes at this time.

We should tell our children that we are Muslims and this is not our holiday. This is the holiday of our Christian neighbors and friends.

I am pleased to know that you celebrate Ramadan and `Eids with lights and decoration of your home and exchange gifts with your children. This is very thoughtful, indeed. It is good to decorate our homes and masjids during Ramadan and for `Eids. It is mentioned in one of the Hadiths that even the heaven is especially decorated during the month of Ramadan. Allah Almighty closes the gates of Hell and opens the gates of Paradise during the month of Ramadan.

We Muslims should give special attention to our own Islamic holidays. In this way our children will be attracted to our own celebrations rather than looking at others.

Unfortunately, there are some Muslims who do not pay any attention to Ramadan and `Eids. Some of them do not even come to `Eid prayers and even if they come, they do not take their day off from work. Thus their children have no idea about Islamic holidays or they think that Islam is a religion without any festivals and celebrations.
Wed Dec 25 07:40:18
Wed Dec 25 08:09:44
Merry Christmas to everyone here except Hood, who as a member of a child-mirdering cult is doomed to burn in hellfire for all of eternity.

But Jewboy aside, I am very blessed to spend another holiday with Trump as our president. Happy occasion indeed.
Wed Dec 25 08:13:28
Merry Jesus day to you all.
Wed Dec 25 18:52:52
Member Wed Dec 25 07:40:18

1. I am 100% okay with an insane Spacey video becoming a new annual Christmas tradition.

2. That said, there has to be some sort of subliminal message in there, because...

"December 25, 2019

Ari Behn, a former member of Norway’s royal family who was one of Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accusers committed suicide on Wednesday, his manager said. He was 47."

Wed Dec 25 18:56:40
Merry Christmas to all. I converted to Buddhism 2 years ago...but still celebrate Christmas.

My favorite Xmas storyis still the first World war soccer game.
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