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Utopia Talk / Politics / Star Wars 2--spoilers
Fri Dec 27 19:06:38
So I just watched the season finale of the Mandalorian.....fucking awesome.

So it seems that baby yoda will be eventually ( or at least that is the trajectory for now) be taken to the space sorcerers the Jedi.
Sam Adams
Fri Dec 27 19:16:18
So i didnt watch the last movie... and correctly so it seems.

Did those fucking retards really bring the emperor back to lose to some douchy trainee?
Fri Dec 27 23:23:52
Also that weapon that looked like half sword half light sabre at the end of man do I was unsure wtf it was....luckily in my news feed was an article describing that ots called the dark sabre. A weapon created by the first Jedi/ Mandalorian ( could baby Yoda be the next great Jedi/ man do?!)
Sat Dec 28 02:57:52
Baby Yoda? What’s next? Will they make a movie about baby Chewie also? Why not baby Emperor?
Sat Dec 28 03:15:23
Para, I should clarify if you havnt seen the Mandalorian that " baby yoda" refers to an unnamed creature of yodas species and not actually baby yoda as bybthis time Yoda is dead.Baby yoda is 50 but considering yoda was 900 something this thing still resembles a toddler.
Sat Dec 28 03:24:47
Okay. But they could still make a movie called Baby Chewie. But don't make it about the actual Chewie, but about another creature of Chewie's species, i.e a random toddler.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Dec 31 10:30:06
"So i didnt watch the last movie... and correctly so it seems"

Did you regret watching VII and VIII? Because this movie is more of the same.
Sam Adams
Tue Dec 31 11:29:53
Ya. 7 and 8 sucked.

Wierd how the disney team makes kick ass ancillary movies but they blow chunks on the mainline.
Tue Dec 31 11:36:29
They only made 1 good side movie.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Dec 31 11:40:00
Then yes, there's no reason for you to watch IX.

Although there many hilariously bad things with the new trilogy, I still find them enjoyable to watch on a purely "turn off the brain and enjoy the spectacle" level.

One thing we did learn, though, is that Star Destroyers can't look up. Just like dogs.
Tue Dec 31 12:09:14
To paraphrase Redlettermedia...at this point Empire is the one linchpin that's keeping this franchise from descending to dumpster fire status.

Oh, and

Member Sat Dec 28 02:57:52
"Baby Yoda? What’s next? Will they make a movie about baby Chewie also?"

Fri Jan 03 02:29:10
Wait a second....

Anakin was born the same year that baby uoda was if BY is actually 50.

That cant be a coincidence.
The Children
Tue Jan 07 06:29:02
i finally watched this shit and now can read all the spoilery crap.

i liked first half of the movie. cringemoments obviously like "im going 2 do the parcour"

but first half was kinda okey. how they twisted da story around is obvious. but okey whatever.

second half was rotten garbage though. seems kinda weird how the worlds most powerfull force always gets beaten by a ragtag band of rebels armed with some weirdy political correcty liberalishy explanations.

people rise up. yea sure, against what are star destroyers made of then...plastic?

they seem 2 have nerfed rose completely and hey hobbity guy!

oh and she now a palpatine, but she still good. so thats why she has amazing powers folks and thats why she has a connection with kylo flippy floppy ren...wait wasnt that snokes doing though?

and snoke is a creation of palpatine. and what about that dude that betrayed them in the previous movie and left with a bag of gold?

the mexican dude. he got nerfed too it seems.

and then they both face off against palpatine and eventually socialjusticewarrior wins again. all she gotta do is hold up 2 lightsabers and then its ok, see. coz she aint just a jedi. she is rey magical sue, motherfuckers. take that.

and then the whole sith temple explodes and all the sith worshippers all magically gets wiped out along with it.

and ofc all these super star destroyers dont make it out either coz u know cheap plastic and shit.

and ofc since no blackie kissing da whitey thingie. coz kinda controversial so they left it out da ending and u only get 2 see her pretend 2 be a skywalker back on tattooine.

lol that crap is a joke.
hmm overall, it was good seeing emperor back again but what a reduced garbage. second half aint worth it.

ofc poo also needs a love interests but who culd it be, so lets make another mary sue, they meet up and bang they hit off again.

god damn if only hookin up was so easy in real life.

and 1 of da main villains of previous 2 movies just got fuckin nerfed off like that. damn. makes no sense but whatever. dude cant act for crap anyway.

TC final verdict. watchable first half. i wuld say untill kylo ren fight where she magically turns flippy kylo again. after that, it was hogwash crap. suddenly leia is a jedi knight, suddenly palpatine wanted her dead, no its alive, but oh wait he doesnt need her anyway, so dead it is, oh wait, she is magic sue.

tc cant rate this shit high. too much white priviledge and socialinjustice.
6 out of 10
Wrath of Orion
Tue Jan 07 08:56:17
I love how this shit always breaks the TC multi and he has to emovent about it.
Tue Jan 07 12:53:07
Tc has a post on the force awakens in the movie thread that is still there....posts dont move like they used to.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 07 21:38:31
- the Mandalorian -

just finished watching this (8 episodes, most around 30 mins)

Has more memorable moments than episode IX... which had none really...

1st and last episode the best (IG droid combat my favorite parts)

whomever wrote the scripts loves the backstab... pretty much every encounter led to backstabbing :p
Wed Jan 08 04:34:10
TW, Droid combat even over a gang of manadalorians tearing shit up with a small army of bounty hunters?

As for the backstab, yeah my one complaint really over the entire episode was that for me at times things were repetitive...fly somewhere, shit goes down, get backstabbed fight your way of the problem hint at baby todas force abilities and fly off..rinse and repeat.
the wanderer
Wed Jan 08 13:23:47
yeah, IG-11 definitely my favorite... great use of segmented swiveling across all his parts :p

kind of a Chewbacca/Terminator hybrid character

the show had a bit of a Firefly quality, just smaller crew
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