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The Children
Sat Dec 28 12:59:00

looks like it finally happenin, biatches.
make ur voice heard!

Sat Dec 28 14:29:25
Tc, Were you raped?

Well with a name like the children ot was only a matter of time till the Catholics got you.

Would you like to show us on the doll?
Sat Dec 28 14:37:56
Im with Bill Maher on the #me too thing....im all for people coming out and speaking up however as I've argued for years many crimes between men and women the thought of abandoning due process and ignoring self evident truths and the constitution seem to be pattern spewing out of identity politics.

I support the idea of #me too not #McCarthyism.

There was a local pbs show with two people debating such issues. On the left ( literally and figuratively) was a young black ( gay or trans something) and on the right a middle aged white guy. The one thing that worried me about the debate is when the white guy warned about false allegations and such and the response from the left was " Men will be fine dont worry about false allegations"
Sat Dec 28 14:47:38
Oh as for your link that i just seen. I liked Atlantis.
The Children
Sun Dec 29 05:17:00
wtf, shut up u infidel biatch.

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