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Utopia Talk / Politics / Do the Left in US control academia
Sun Dec 29 14:57:29
Well, I will say freedom of expression and the ability to take a joke ate foriegn concepts on college campuses these days.
Wrath of Orion
Sun Dec 29 15:10:11
As to the post... Not really - it does vary by department and geographic location.

As to the title... Yes, U.S. academia has far more left than right. Decades of studies have shown, and continue to show, that.
Sun Dec 29 15:31:20
Even at Berkeley, there are plenty of conservative professors and speakers and organizations.

Just because you are protested against doesn't make you oppressed.

Once again, Republicans this is just Republicans gaslighting and projecting away from their own sins. How many liberals can be found on Fox News or at Liberty university?

Fox News has been losing what few objective voices they have in Sterling Shephard et. al. Liberty Univeristy and other pro-Trump places are basically 100% intellectually inbred.

And that's not talking about most "conservatives" themselves in the age of Trump who are far closer to reactionaries than conservatives. When your leader is Trump who refuses to listen even to his own conservative experts; it's clear the Republicans are stuck on stupid and it's not the "liberuls" in academia who are controlling things.
Sun Dec 29 15:45:01
Errata: Sterling SHephard is a Wide Receiver for the giants. Shephard Smith is the anchor that left Fox News.
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