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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Summarize 2019
Mon Dec 30 15:50:16
1) The best thing/moment that happened to you in 2019?

2) The worst thing/moment that happened to you in 2019?

3) How would you rate 2019 on a scale of 1-10?
Mon Dec 30 16:33:03
1) finding $100 on the street
2) losing unemployment benefits
3) -10
Mon Dec 30 17:12:01
1) Family reunion.

2) Completely destroying my knee.

3) Solid 7-8
Mon Dec 30 17:29:46
1) When I bought my first fullframe digital Leica camera. It was a feeling of ”reaching the top”. Unboxing it was like getting laid. You know that moment when you undress a woman and see her naked for the first time?

2) When I lost a client.

3) In some ways 2019 was a good year but in many other ways 2019 sucked. I rate it a 6.
large member
Mon Dec 30 18:44:20
1) Confirming the youngest. 1) We got a cat.

2) Confirming the youngest. 2) We got a cat.

3) I don't really do scales. I just aim to keep the function of the derivative positive (every year a bit better than the last).
Mon Dec 30 19:12:44
Got to greet my newest Great Grand daughter. All else is insignificant.
Mon Dec 30 19:52:39
1. 172% YoY returns in investing.
2. Trying to figure out when to cash out. I've already converted about half into safer assets that can weather a downturn.
3. Five. Retards are still in charge so I have to worry about my kids and nephews/nieces.
Mon Dec 30 20:12:50
1) Too difficult to pick the best.

2) The worst of the best was that I totaled my wife's run around town car, but it was the other persons fault. The car had over 150k miles on the odometer, a 2004 Buick Century. I upgraded the model with a 2004 Park Avenue from a 103 year old lady, who didn't drive anymore, with 49k miles on it for nearly the same price I got from the women's insurance company that caused the accident. All good for me since no one was severely injured in the accident, even though it was temporarily inconvenient. It was a good thing I was traveling south when she attacked me from a stop sign wanting to cross a through street right of way. Otherwise, she more than likely not, be dead today.

3) I consider the year pretty much a 10 the way the accident turned out.
Mon Dec 30 23:26:26
1. nothing stood out
2. nothing stood out
3. whatever the neutral rating is.
Tue Dec 31 03:18:37
1. Moving to the house
2. I have not worked out for over a year and 2019 was when I fell all the way down to the bottom :,(
3. A solid 5
Tue Dec 31 08:50:38
I rate this year an 8. We only lost one long time friend. An amazing guy. He had a stroke when he was 60 and lost the use of an arm and a leg for the most part. Stubborn fuck ended up doing more with those handicaps than most of you will ever do. Never asked for help. I had to force myself on him a few times when he bit off more than he could chew.
Example was he had a tree he wanted down that was dead and hanging over his dock on the lake. His wife went to town and when she got home the simple shit had cut off the worst limb 18" across off. What he used was a pole saw. A few of you might know what that is.
It seemed that there was nothing he wouldn't tackle. RIP Doug you were a one of a kind.
Sam Adams
Tue Dec 31 11:47:35
Great on the family front.

It was a pretty quiet year for me at work though the company could have done better. Everything i did i kicked ass though. Some fun research projects. Meh.

So ya, 10 for sure.
Wrath of Orion
Tue Dec 31 11:59:49
1. Dune board game rebooted and released. Expanse S4 released.

2. Dune movie not out yet.

10/10, would walk without rhythm again.
Tue Dec 31 17:36:58
1) first ever visit to Portugal/ Raptors nba playoff run and championship
2) nothing horrible, knock on wood

3) I’m not sure. 7
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