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Wed Jan 01 05:34:07
I think Fema needs a separate more pre emptive infrastructure based group.

For example I moved back down to SC last year. I grew up in SE PA....two totally different regions with different infrastructure needs.

Down here FEMA seems quick to doll out checks after hurricanes but cant we do more to help people with what ive seen as the 3 big issues in this regard that seem rampant here both on public and private areas.

1. Drainage, can not be stressed enough. It seems common for peoples properties to stay flooded for long periods of times.This causes several problems whether it be making travel difficult, weakening structures and as we seen with a few years ago ( Dorian?) It weakened the hold roots of trees had and ended up causing all sorts of damage when moderate winds followed.

2. Trees near structures. Now again I grew up in the suburbs of Philly where trees near your house wasnt really an issue. In SC it is doing tremendous damage and costing people and government agencies a lot more money than assisting people to top or clear trees ahead of time. They already do this near powerlines I think it needs to be expanded to help remove them near structures.

3.roofs. Ok I get it an odd issue, ive never in my life seen more roofs in need of serious repair coupled with a lack of quality roofers. Trades in general down here seem to be lacking, I blame the schooling system which makes co tech an AFTER High school training like college instead of having it as a choice in HS.
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