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Sat Jan 11 08:37:13
Renzo Marquez
Sat Jan 11 09:11:30
NANKINGED! TC's tears flowing into his canned tuna tonight like Japanese bukkake sauce off his granny's face.
The Children
Sat Jan 11 09:21:14
Whats there 2 laugh about, fool. tsai is a loser. and under her rule taiwan declined further and farther then any government before her.

the decline will just fasten even more.

u delusional cohroaches are really funny.
smart dude
Sat Jan 11 09:56:22
Tsai just got elected to her second term. So...kind of the opposite of a loser. Also I live in Taiwan and you are a British person who can barely afford tuna.
Sat Jan 11 10:12:44
Not just won, DOMINATED. Being associated with a pro-mainland position has become completely toxic to the voters. Amazing.

The US should heartily congratulate Taiwan on this election and follow up by providing substantial military aid and signing a major free trade deal in order to reduce China's ability to hold Tawian's economy and sovereignty hostage. It will be a great boon for all lovers of freedom and democracy.

Fuck China!
Sat Jan 11 10:13:13

Thanks Carrie Lam and Winnie the Pooh for this! ROFL
The Children
Sat Jan 11 10:29:45
she is a loser and u all know it. what has taiwan done in the last 6 years.

Get rekted man.

Sat Jan 11 10:35:16
Lol, struggling to figure out how to respond to this one? I see that Xinhua and Peoples Daily have yet to report on the results - their editors are probably hanging themselves to avoid having to try and spin this into a positive story.

You lose TC. As does Winnie the Pooh and China generally.
The Children
Sat Jan 11 12:15:09
there is no strugglin. taiwan will be taken by force if necessary.


and Tsai is still a loser. lmao@ votin against tougher against china. yea so she was "tougher" on china these last 4 years too. how did that work out 4 her. she was chosen coz she was a woman, period.

under her rule taiwan declined. and even the KMT which in case u dont know, was the former party that ruled taiwan plus was the party that fled china, even they chose 2 have closer ties.

lmao, taiwan at this stage is like a stupid rebellious kid who in his teenage years doesnt want 2 listen 2 dad coz "im smarter" when in fact the kid is a millenial and dumber than previous gens.

just kids being kids, and taiwan included. this is a lost decade 4 taiwan, kid. its already happened. 4 years passed with taiwan in the gutter. the next 4 years will be equally bad.

go suck it.

tsai knows this. she just lacks the balls 2 say no to yankees. coz from what i read on the internet, she doesnt even want the military toys that yankees forced her 2 buy for billions. billions.
billions wasted and economy under the gutter, international relations destroyed and all that coz she wanna suck yankee balls and appear tough.

get rekted boy.

taiwan is a non issue.
Sun Jan 12 03:15:23
Taiwan leader meets top US official after her election win

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Fresh from a landslide reelection victory, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen met Sunday with the de facto U.S. ambassador to Taipei, as China warned that countries should stick with recognizing communist-ruled Beijing as the rightful government of “One China,” including Taiwan.

William Brent Christensen, a U.S. diplomat who is director of the American Institute in Taiwan, congratulated Tsai on her victory and she thanked him for his support.


Look at how happy they are ^

The message is the same as it is to Iran. Peace and stability is possible if you join the American Empire and become a vassal state.

large member
Sun Jan 12 03:56:37
Yah, thats another thing about Iran recently.

We have learned that showcasing ballistic capability by by way of kinetic impact is a way of expressing displeasure.

China has lots and lots and lots of ballistic missiles within range of Taiwan.

Lets hope it never feels the need to demonstrate displeasure kinetically.
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