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Utopia Talk / Politics / Its a bad week for Iran
Sun Jan 12 06:05:12

Keep in mimd this is Al Jazeera reporting this.

Irans only female Olympian has defected.

The shit with Britain's ambassador

All on top of the most epic fail of the year so far.
large member
Sun Jan 12 06:24:16
Yes, we should start calling tragidies epic fails.

9-11 was sure an epic fail. The biggest epic fail of this century so far.

large member
Sun Jan 12 06:26:44
But I agree in the sense that the interesting bit is how Iran deals with the challenges that have emerged.
Sun Jan 12 07:46:43
The good things are happening!


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani welcomed the Qatari emir at Tehran's Sa'dabad Cultural Complex on Sunday.

The pair are expected to hold private talks. Later, Iranian and Qatari delegations will engage in negotiations.

State-run Qatar News Agency (QNA) said the talks will focus on "bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of promoting and enhancing them, as well as the latest developments in the region and the regional and international issues of mutual concern."
Sun Jan 12 08:31:10
” Irans only female Olympian has defected.”

She claims that women are oppressed in Iran. So she is moving to Europe/The Netherlands.

Well. Welcome. In Europe she will face racism and sexism everyday. If she speaks up about it or talks about women’s rights, men from the alt-right will send death- and/or rape-threats to her.

Also, in Europe muslim men is forcing women to wear a burqa.

So I don’t know. Maybe Iran is better because there she at the least won’t face the racism.
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