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Utopia Talk / Politics / MAGA: we have the oil!
Average Ameriacn
Sun Jan 12 07:43:11
We have the Syrian oil!

We will get the Iranian oil, too!

What Bush never achieved and Obama never wanted, Trump did it!!!

Is Trump greater than Reagan?



Trump: 'We Have the Oil' in Syria, 'Maybe We Should Take It'

Saturday, 11 January 2020

President Donald Trump, rejecting critics saying he "capitulated" on his withdrawal of troops in Syria, levied a bold suggestion the U.S. might "take the oil" it is remaining there to "protect."

"They said, 'He left troops in Syria,'" Trump told Fox News' "Ingraham Angle" on Friday night. "You know what I did? I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil.

"The only troops I have are taking the oil. They're protecting the oil. I took over the oil."

When pressed to clarify – "We're not taking the oil, right?" Ingraham asked – Trump did not demurr, despite Russia having considered such an act "state banditry," according to The New York Times, and Syria levying claims Trump plans to "steal" it.

"Well, maybe we will, maybe we won't," Trump responded, echoing a criticism of the former Iraq War not having taken Iraqi oil.

Ingraham chimed in for him to back off the provocative suggestion, trying to reframe it as merely "we're protecting their facilities."

"I don't know, maybe we should take it, but we have the oil," Trump continued. "We have the oil. Right now. The United States has the oil.

"So, they say, 'He left troops in Syria.' No, I got rid of all of them other than we're protecting the oil. We have the oil."

While it is plausible Trump might actually be planning to take Syrian oil, it might also be a leveraging tactic in his state campaign to encourage other nations to come into the Middle East to share the burden of cooling tensions – and the cost on taxpayers – in the region.
Sun Jan 12 10:16:16
If we had the oil, it was sure as fuck stupid to abandon our allies in the area. We need them to help secure it. We're not sending troops to die in the middle east anymore.

Trump playing 4d chess indeed.
large member
Sun Jan 12 10:19:10
You have the oil for as long as you do shit that keeps oil (WTI) above 60 USD a barrel.

US production will fall off fast at prices below that.
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 17:48:33
Trump says so many stupid weird things i didn't even hear about this one somehow...
Sun Jan 12 17:56:41
Member Sun Jan 12 10:16:16
If we had the oil, it was sure as fuck stupid to abandon our allies in the area. We need them to help secure it. We're not sending troops to die in the middle east anymore.

US troops ARE deployed in Dayr al-Zur Governorate. Which is where the oil is.


Note the lack of oil in the part of Syria that Turkey moved into.

4d chess indeed.
the wanderer
Sun Jan 12 18:04:43
here's the retarded monkey saying it:

so embarrassing to the nation... & kargen in particular
Cherub Cow
Sun Jan 12 20:01:54
This seems like the sort of thing that other presidents said behind closed doors in the White House. You can almost picture generals and advisors in the wings signalling Trump to stop giving away their money-making secrets.
Like Chappelle oil:
large member
Sun Jan 12 23:20:10
1 billion dollars covers 12 hours of US military expenses. It is 1/9th the funding the military asked for to fix up 2 bases that had been attacked by two hurricanes.

1 billion barely registers. The DoD asked for 720 billion in funding for 2020. I think it too much. 719 billion is much more acceptable.

Mon Jan 13 18:06:12
I'm not embarrassed at all.

"We are protecting the oil.. we have the oil"

As we know from history a main tactic for terrorist groups in the region is to destroy oil infrastructure so it only makes sense that if we were going to have any presence in the area it would be to protect those assets. Doesn't mean the US is sending tankers to ship the oil away or is planning to steal the oil. It only means for anybody to attack those sights they have to go through US forces first.
Keep trying though.
the wanderer
Mon Jan 13 19:15:57
"As we know from history ..."

this has NOTHING to do w/ Trump's thinking...

the idiot moron fraud child repeatedly complained we should've 'taken the oil' in regard to Iraq (which never made any sense, but didn't stop him from saying it over & over)

now idiot moron fraud child is saying 'yay, we have taken the oil!'

i don't know if the idiot is dumb enough to believe it, or he just hopes his idiot fans are dumb enough to believe it
(& not sure which is worse... & applies to many of his delusions/lies)

it's entirely possibly the stories of the military tricking him into keeping troops there by saying they would 'take the oil' is true

you should be embarrassed for not noticing his absurd unfitness & by continuing to defend his absurd unfitness
Mon Jan 13 19:47:00
"a main tactic for terrorist groups in the region is to destroy oil infrastructure"

Except in Syria, where they sell it to Bilal Erdogan, lulz
Mon Jan 13 23:56:09
reading minds again I see.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 02:03:18
do you disagree by 'take' he means 'take'? recall he mentioned that maybe Exxon would go in...

plus the dozens/hundreds of comments like:

"I told all of the haters and losers long ago that Iraq would fall, take the OIL or get out fast! Massive waste of lives and trillions of $'s"

"I still can't believe we didn't take the oil from Iraq."

"Once the tragic mistake of going into Iraq was made, we should have at least taken the oil (or at least some of it). Now Iran & China get it"


no mind-reading required, just minimal brain power... as usual... i can't express how obvious Trump's childish/fraud/idiocy is... may your mind eventually defog
Tue Jan 14 02:39:04
"I don't know maybe we should take the oil."

That is President Trump saying something he isn't going to act on so he stays in the news cycle.

Tue Jan 14 05:31:21
Looks around... *Takes the oil*
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 11:36:52
"That is President Trump saying something he isn't going to act on so he stays in the news cycle. "

what the hell does that even mean? you think it's fine if he makes up false plans to stay in the news?

also, you're wrong... he says that comment only after Laura points out he's lying... i'm sure he wanted to smack her whore mouth

& explain him saying 'we should've taken the oil' a hundred times, -CLEARLY- he's trying to pretend he's doing what he says we should've done... this is O.B.V.I.O.U.S.
Tue Jan 14 15:40:36
It isn't a plan.

He has been president for three years now, you should have this figured out.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 16:39:05
could you be less vague in your defenses or just admit there is no defenses to this moron

he definitely wants to 'take the oil', he definitely has asked the adults if he can 'take the oil', he definitely wants his idiot fans to believe he is 'taking the oil', and he will continue to say we are 'taking the oil' whenever he references the Syria troops

he is -never- going to make some reasoned argument including "As we know from history..." (unless reading a teleprompter of words prepared for him that sound nothing like him)
Tue Jan 14 16:55:15
^keep in mind this is the same individual who four months ago was positively apoplectic about Trump's attempts to subvert the military-industrial complex by getting us out of Syria altogether, despite the fact that it was a sound call in reversing the disastrous Obama-era decision to place US troops directly between two allies that completely hate each other.

Now he's positively apoplectic about Trump's attempts to satiate the military-industrial complex by remaining in eastern Syria and securing the oil fields there, despite the fact that it makes good strategic sense and denies their use to ISIS.

There's literally nothing that the president could do without tw calling him some four-word compound insult.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 17:44:45
i pay attention to his process & motives... rather than the revised process & motives adults claim he had, even though he keeps making it obvious what it actually was

"it makes good strategic sense and denies their use to ISIS"
i don't deny this could be what the military leaders wanted... just that it isn't the shiny ball they dangled for Trump

recall his defenders saying 'oh, he doesn't really support torture'... while he's out saying 'torture works' & 'i'd bring back way worse than waterboarding'

or 'oh, he's just rightfully worried about election security' when claiming there were 3-5 million fraud voters... (that's not how you express that concern)

or 'oh, he just wants all possibilities looked at' when retweeting that the Clintons killed Epstein

or 'he was just joking about wanting China to investigate Biden'... fucking Rubio...

he's not the man you deluded people for some reason think he is
Tue Jan 14 17:55:45
"i pay attention to his process & motives"

I'm going to fix this for you.

It should have read "I assume his process and motives."

and why are you against finding out what may or may not have happened to Epstein?

the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 18:13:42
"why are you against finding out what may or may not have happened to Epstein? "

well, they have you right where they want you it seems...


"It should have read 'I assume his process and motives.'"

nope, straight from what he says... over & over... he is an incredibly simple person...

-you- are the one applying motivations that he never states... plus -you- claimed "That is President Trump saying something he isn't going to act on so he stays in the news cycle" - THAT is being the mind reader (also clearly wrong... he needs no help staying in the news cycle, & that particular item barely noticed, plus he would've tweeted it repeatedly)
Tue Jan 14 18:16:52
Not 24 hours ago you were claiming that Trump wanted to pimp out the US military because MBS and Putin were "more likely than not" handing him bribes under the table.

All you do is dwell in assumptions (and CNN talking points).
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 18:22:57
i didn't say i never made assumptions, i am not making assumptions about Trump & the oil... & why he said we are taking the oil 3x in a row before she said no we aren't... then still wanting to say 'we have the oil'

he was giddy about his achievement of doing what he said we should've done repeatedly (even if it didn't actually happen)

he is a mental child & compulsive liar (which doesn't even really cover it)
Tue Jan 14 20:27:50
"well, they have you right where they want you it seems..."

you mean on the side of the truth and wanting to know the truth? Right where I've been going back to before these forums existed.

Something fucked up there happened. It may well have been suicide but there were still way to many mistakes made to just ignore.

And I hope there is still an ongoing investigation into his guests and their actions no matter what political affiliation they may have.
You just want the whole thing dropped because President Trump wants it investigated. You would die of thirst if President Trump suggested people drink water.
the wanderer
Tue Jan 14 21:28:51
no to all of that... you apparently think the President of the United States tweeting a video of a guy claiming the Clintons killed Epstein and others is an appropriate way to express wanting a thorough investigation

I assure you that you are the one stuck in some sheep pen accepting the most bizarre fucked up behavior as normal and fine
Wed Jan 15 01:53:32
No I still think his tweets do not matter and everybody would be much happier if they were simply ignored. My position on that hasn't changed.
the wanderer
Wed Jan 15 11:47:38
i hate to break it to you, but the unfit buffoon is not different when off twitter
the wanderer
Wed Jan 15 12:09:55
at Trump signing of 'phase one' trade deal w/ China:
(from guy who live tweets Trump events a lot)

Trump is doing some rambling at his China trade event. "A man who always liked me. Because he's smart. So smart. The great Lou Dobbs. You know, at first he said, 'He's the best since Reagan.' Then he got to know me more and more and he said, 'He's even better than Reagan.'"

Trump, at the signing of his preliminary trade deal with China, says Sen. Lindsey Graham is a "much better golfer than people would understand." Moments later, he mocks former FBI director James Comey. He then falsely says "you don't hear complaints about the VA anymore."

Trump says they like him in Alaska. Then, mentioning Rep. Mark Meadows, he says, "His wife actually supported me long before him. But he thinks I don't know that." He then starts talking at length about fireworks in South Dakota.

Trump mentions the CEO of eBay, then tells a 'sir' story about how he autographs things and then immediately sees them being sold on eBay for a lot of money, like $5,000.

Trump mentions News Corp., then calls Rupert Murdoch "the greatest," then congratulates Murdoch on the high price of his sale of assets to Disney, but laments that the sale was to "some group that doesn't like Trump as much, that's the only problem."

Trump on China's role in dealing with Kim Jong Un: "It's all a very, very beautiful game of chess, or game of poker, or, I can't use the word checkers, 'cause it's far greater than any checker game that I've ever seen, but it's a very beautiful mosaic."

I've abandoned this speech. Per @Kevinliptakcnn
, Trump did not begin discussing the trade deal he was signing until he spoke for more than 40 minutes. China's vice premier was just standing there impassively.


another reporter's tweets:

"The teleprompter in the East Room has been stuck here for a while as the president names what feels like everyone in the room" <photo of teleprompter>

read it & weep... recall he's there - with the Chinese delegation - to talk about the fucking trade deal...

apparently he rambled 54 minutes before letting the Chinese have a turn, even Fox News cut away

Wed Jan 15 13:05:12
Did the Clintons kill Epstein? Lol nah, but that bodybuilder cop probably did, and it's curious that his cell video hung itself too
Wed Jan 15 16:38:08
Would be surprised if the Clinton's weren't involved
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