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Utopia Talk / Politics / I'm willing to send you nudes
Jebbebiah Wilkins
Mon Jan 13 08:59:22
All you have to do is to send me a proof in a PM that you have donated at least $10 to the Australians.

I can promise you that I have *the* perfect body and very aesthetic genitalia.

Let's see if we can top the 1 million.


The Model Who Went Viral For Offering Nude Photos In Exchange For Donations For Australia Said She's Raised An Estimated $1 Million

Now other online sex workers are joining the cause.
Picture of Lauren Strapagiel Lauren Strapagiel BuzzFeed News Reporter

Posted on January 7, 2020

The model who went viral this week for inspiring people to donate to Australian bushfire relief in exchange for her nude photos now estimates she has raised more than $1 million.

Kaylen Ward, 20, ignited the craze on Jan. 3 with a tweet saying she would send a nude photo to anyone who provided proof that they donated to one of a list of organizations working in Australia.

Ward told BuzzFeed News she's "extremely overwhelmed" and "so happy."

It's hard to pin down an exact number of donations attributed to Ward, and BuzzFeed News cannot verify the $1 million figure. Her estimate is based on how many legitimate donation receipts are being sent per minute that meet the minimum of $10. Ward said that — after filtering out fake receipts and other DMs, such as ones from well-wishers — about 50% of the messages she's getting are legit.

"We had some people who donated a lot of money," she said. "One person $5,000 and at least 10 people $1,000. Those we made sure we had their name and a second verification of the payment."

Ward estimated that she and a small team she's hired to respond to the requests have now sent 10,000 nude photos. The demand has been so overwhelming that they've had to stop.

Since the money is going directly to charities, Ward herself isn't getting a cut, although her social media following has grown exponentially since the campaign started. Her Instagram, however, was shut down in the process.

A Facebook spokesperson told BuzzFeed News her account "was disabled for violating our policies. Offering nude images is not allowed on Instagram."

Given Ward's massive success, other online women are joining the cause and offering photos for proof of donations, such as porn actor Riley Reid.
smart dude
Mon Jan 13 09:21:47
BuzzFeed sucks and I will send nudes to anyone who can convince me this person "raised" more than 50 dollars.
Mon Jan 13 10:04:16
One can just use google to find nude women, and its free. Lol there’s millions of pics out there.

I found a thumbnail pic of Kaylen Ward where she shows her vagina from behind. I also found a video of her where she is showing her tits. She has fake tits. Her lips seems to be fake too. It looks like she has had Lip augmentation. So she’s kinda looking like a duck. But her lips isn’t that bad, I have seen worse.
Mon Jan 13 10:20:15
Lol, I found her sex tape also.
large member
Mon Jan 13 10:25:07
You now owe Australia 10 dollars!
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