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Utopia Talk / Politics / The Democratic candidates
Mon Jan 13 22:23:11
Biden- He isn't repulsive like some of those. He's awkward and moderately corrupt but we could do worse.

Sanders- His politics are extreme but he is likeable and believes in what he says...mamu think his popularity is leading to an AOC run in the near future.

Warren-useless weirdo.

Tom Steyer-Cold wierdo.

Bloomberg-anti-gun and is one of those who banned feeding the homeless.

Tulsa gabbard- Dont know much of her politics.She came off as smarter than most of her competitors from what little ive seen.

Mon Jan 13 23:23:20
Bigger weirdo than Trump? Impossible.
smart dude
Mon Jan 13 23:24:30
"anti-gun and is one of those who banned feeding the homeless"

To be fair, what's the point of having guns if the homeless all starve to death?
Mon Jan 13 23:46:19
Red Dawn of course

Also without the homeless to waste time on, cops will actually have the resources to grab guns and more jail space for niggers.

So legal and law enforcement resources are squandered on the homeless to improve the situations for both whites and blacks. And since homeless folks are disproportionately mentally ill (so useless) or veterans (the governments problem), it is actually not discriminatory and 1) solves the mental health systems lack of resources by providing for the homeless and 2) forces the government to address the veteran issue through homeless initiatives. All the while perpetuating the cycle to everyone's collective benefit.

Except Californian metropolises.

Gabbard is the best candidate the democrats have had in 20 years and the best they'll get for the next 20.

She should run as a republican if this fails
Mon Jan 13 23:51:04
Daemon, What about ted Cruz? Admittedly he's more creepy than weirdo.

He always looked like you'd find him in a park watching kids or something...just something off about him.

But Steyer is definitely a cold weirdo with terrible ads.

Warren, lacks any really message and went around for years saying she was a native American ( Indian but the woo woo kind)

Smart, Well if argue that coloreds may still be walking around nut he did start " stop and frisk" to keep them on their toes.

So , that makes sense But the nail in his coffin may be Judge Judy.
Tue Jan 14 00:13:40
Holy shit at Pillz post. Racism, ignorance, and nihilism all together. Truly representative of today's modern Western "conservative" reactionary.
Tue Jan 14 18:53:16
Cuckhat probably upset because his wife's son's father is on the streets
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