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Utopia Talk / Politics / Why is Mexico so fucking poor?
Wed Jan 15 15:17:48
I mean seriously how great would it be if Mexico was at least as well off as say Mississippi ( which is poor as fuck too)

What is holding Mexico back?

large member
Wed Jan 15 15:22:12
Too close to the United States and too far from God.
large member
Wed Jan 15 15:23:04
Porfirio Díaz
Wed Jan 15 15:27:19
"Too close to the United States"

Canada does fine
Wed Jan 15 15:28:29
Corruption. Gangsters.
Wed Jan 15 16:00:00
Forwyn, That was my first thought.

I mean seriously, They border the US ( good for land trade)

They have coasts for ease of foreign trade in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

They have decent amounts of natural resources.

Yet next year they will have a minimum wage of $6.50 a day and that has been drastically increased in Recent years.

Do they lack foriegn investment?

I know corruption and gangs play a role, but how big?

For the US how great would it be of Mexico was doing better.

We wouldn't have people complaunimg about immigration, we would have a better matket to trade with and a close ally to wotk with on an international level.

Cherub Cow
Wed Jan 15 16:03:59
They need stronger border control at the Guatemala–Mexico border to keep out criminal immigrants? ;)
Wed Jan 15 16:11:23
I mean they have great potential, according to wiki the wto days they have the hardest worki g people in the world by number of hours.

From my personal experience with many Mexicans I can attest that they are some of the hardest workers I've met.

How much would the US spend on a wall? That could probably be better spent on a mini Marshall plan for Mexico ( with serious oversight due to corruption)

large member
Wed Jan 15 17:33:01
To be serious.

It lacks consumer spending. Lots of reasons for that. Crap pension schemes would be one (once you leave the workforce you are done as a consumer)

But most of all, high income disparity.

Rich people invest most of their income. A Gini coefficient of 50 gives a service sector of 52%.

Better income transfers would see the service sector expand dramatically.
large member
Wed Jan 15 17:33:28
Sam Adams
Wed Jan 15 17:59:03
Because its full of mexicans?
Wed Jan 15 18:06:29

You have to look at the origins of Mexico to understand where it is today. Economic success is very much a function of political success, since an unstable political climate makes it difficult to build a stable, long-lasting economy. And on the political front, well...

* Unlike the US, Mexico had no history of self-rule during the colonial era, so it had little practice in that regard once it achieved independence

* Mexico didn't achieve independence until the early 1800s, making it too late for its Founding Fathers to be steeped in the ideas of the Enlightenment era which contributed so much to the US' early success

* Without a solid foundation and strong political class, Mexico's early rulers were either faced by opponents who had little respect for the rule of law, or who themselves had little respect for it. The country's "greatest" leader, was a dictator who held office a dozen times

* Poor political foundation never got improved. Country spent most of the 20th century under single-party rule, and even now respect for the law is more of an ideal than a reality

In such a place, corruption and lawlessness are bound to thrive. As a result, the economy remains solidly in Third World territory, regardless of access to capital or resources.


* Mexicans are mostly descendants of Spaniards, aka southern Europeans, aka people who have never really managed to master the art of either democracy or capitalism

* Mexico still has a shitton of Native Americans, meaning way more wastes of failure dragging the state down

Point is it's a shithole with a shithole economy.
large member
Wed Jan 15 18:08:58
Your analysis suggests the US is going to hell Ruggy. 50% of babies born are hispanic, is that not correct?
Wed Jan 15 18:12:04

Why do you think we need to build the wall already?
smart dude
Wed Jan 15 23:57:39
Weather. Drugs grow better in Mexico's climate (or in the climates of countries south of Mexico).
Not rocket science.
smart dude
Wed Jan 15 23:59:48
Try growing cocaine in Canada. LOL. It turns out that snorting blow is more popular than clubbing seals. Or freezing to death or building a house that melts in the summer. Canada is too big and has too few people to be a shithole.
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