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Utopia Talk / Politics / A new caravan bound for the US
Wed Jan 15 23:25:30
Now fox had headlines that didnt rmphasize other nations attempts to stop it....


That said WTF! Are these real? I swear these are Bannons doing somehow.

Were not that great.

smart dude
Wed Jan 15 23:46:21
don't click it's a rick roll
Thu Jan 16 15:04:51
My fellow Americans, lets caravan ourselves to Canada...its cooler weather, hockey is better than baseball and maple syrup.
smart dude
Fri Jan 17 00:49:00
"its[sic] cooler"

Too cold. Their own people live almost entirely at the south of the country.

"hockey is better than [anything]"

Objectively false.

"maple syrup"

Yeah because we don't have maple trees in the U.S. ROFL.
smart dude
Fri Jan 17 00:52:10
Oh, and Canada is full of Canadians, which by default makes it a shitty place. Canadians suck. They go to foriegn countries, act like douchebags, speak in N.A. English, and let everyone assume they are Americans. I've seen it 1,000 times.
smart dude
Fri Jan 17 00:56:20
And the French Canadians are even worse. Literally everyone hates them, especially the French and regular Canadians. They act like even bigger douchebags and pretend they are from France. Canadians are basically the worst people in the world. People from shithole countries might be more annoying but they have an excuse. The whole "aw, shucks, Canadians are so nice" stereotype might be the biggest marketing coup of all time.
Fri Jan 17 03:19:42
Goooood... Let the caravans flow to you. It is as I have forseen, Darth Trump shall gain his second term.
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