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Utopia Talk / Politics / New SARS-like virus
Sun Jan 19 03:12:49
As always these viruses are coming from China. What are they doing over there? Should we be worried?
Sun Jan 19 04:44:30
I think I have it....* to the panic room*
The Children
Sun Jan 19 06:54:17

bioches, influenza is a yearly mutatin virus that effects people worldwide.

that cough u had last year, was influenza aka the cold. the cough u got this year is already a mutatin a different version, otherwise u wuldnt be sick.

it changes yearly and from what my brilliant brain remembers, of the 1000s of yearly different mutations, most of them are relative harmless.

sars is just a more severe influenza so unless it hits worldwide, i wuldnt be worried. or unless ur extremely weak.

these things make yearly babies like humans, what can we say
Wrath of Orion
Mon Jan 20 00:22:31
"influenza aka the cold"

large member
Mon Jan 20 02:28:51
aka the flu. A big cold.
Mon Jan 20 06:53:53
Coronavirus spreads to Beijing as China confirms 139 new cases over the weekend


Hong Kong (CNN)China has reported 139 new cases of pneumonia caused by a new strain of coronavirus, including a third death, as the outbreak spreads beyond the city where the virus was first identified.

Health authorities in Beijing confirmed two cases of the new coronavirus Monday, while Guangdong authorities reported one case in Shenzhen -- the first confirmation from authorities that the mysterious virus has spread domestically beyond the central city of Wuhan. All three patients are believed to have visited Wuhan, according to authorities.

The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission announced Monday that 136 new patients were diagnosed on Saturday and Sunday. Of those, one person died from the virus, two are in critical condition, and 33 are in serious condition, according to authorities.

The new cases have brought the total number of people in China diagnosed with the virus to 201, a significant jump from 62 reported on the weekend.


Almost 7 million Chinese were estimated to have traveled overseas last year during the Lunar New Year holiday season. "I believe Chinese tourists will bring the virus to many other countries in Asia in the coming days,


^ Why not ban people coming from China until this is over? Because I don't wanna die.
Anarchist Prime
Tue Jan 21 10:17:19
Texas woman, 20, dies from flu after traveling overseas

Average Ameriacn
Tue Jan 21 10:22:23
A wall would have made us safe. If any American dies from this then we can blame the Democrats. The Democratic party should be impeached for crimes against the American people!
Tue Jan 21 10:38:02
”Yael Good reportedly was sickened following a trip to Israel”

A wall is useless if you can fly over it.
Sam Adams
Tue Jan 21 10:41:42
Time to move to madagascar
Tue Jan 21 11:02:20
The sickest I've ever been was with some fuckin Asian flu at the tail end of my trip to Japan. Legit just wanted to die around day 3
Tue Jan 21 12:43:01

CDC expected to announce first US case of Wuhan coronavirus
By CNN staff

Updated 1:28 PM ET, Tue January 21, 2020

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