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Utopia Talk / Politics / Norway terrorized for years by one woman
Sun Jan 19 05:52:38

There is like 3 second video....it makes it soumd like at first there is just one terrorist running amok terrorizing the whole country....
large member
Sun Jan 19 06:02:42
Its crazy.

The idea that she deserves to be confined indefinitely without a conviction under horrible conditions is abhorrent.

Also, even if she is completely radicalized (which does not seem true at all), then I am with Trump on our having a moral responsibility to repatriate.

We are not helping stabilization in Iraq and Syria at all by leaving radicalized nationals in those countries.
Sun Jan 19 06:20:39
Yeah, but wtf is up with that video?
large member
Sun Jan 19 06:32:33
Fox new is not compatible with my adblockers.

But the video is almost certainly not related to the woman. Norwegian press has been digging up stuff. But its more at the level of her being interviewed arguing in support of Hijab use (which she did infrequently at the time).

Ironically, the main reason she left for Turkey in the first place is that her parents were pressuring her to marry a 2nd cousin from pakistan at the time).

Her father is very clear on regretting that. He has tried to get her home numerous times. Even travelling to Syria himself and trying to face down her gun-totting husband back in 2015. He was lucky to survive (he eventually paid 10k dollars to secure her release from Syria to Iraq).

The whole thing is a guilt by association process. I am not certain she will even be sentenced for anything (Secret State security has here now. Its acronym? PST. They had fun with that back in the day :D).
The Children
Sun Jan 19 06:56:55
boycott sites that dunt show unless u remove adblocker, never visit sites that force u 2 remove adblocker.

i didnt ask 2 be bombarded with ads, so they r tryin 2 force it on us. so be it, never visit again.
Sun Jan 19 10:31:44
Norwegian Labour is already the favorite to win in the 2021 elections. This infighting among the coalition seems incredibly counter-productive. Does the Progress Party really want to hand over control of the country to the left over a single ISIS bride?
large member
Sun Jan 19 10:44:55
The FRP will almost certainly regain votes by leaving the government. I doubt it will lead to a change of government, but rather that it becomes a minority government again (it has only held a majority for a year. The Christian Democrats joined a year ago).
large member
Sun Jan 19 10:51:10
It was almost a given that the Government will lose the next election by the way the Christian Democrats joined the Government. It was incredibly fractious and caused voters to flee the party. Two of the coalition partners are currently scoring well below the 4.5 parliamentary threshold.

A right-wing government needs those two parties to break the threshold, and for all 3 smaller parties on the left to fail the threshold. All 3 are scoring above 4.5% in polls.
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