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Utopia Talk / Politics / Cali says Tylenol causes cancer
Wed Jan 22 19:44:04
Or it may....

According to this article those little warnings " this contains chemicals considered harmless to CA" or what not do not choose there list of chemicals from a research group as much as a group of panelists go over published articles. Tylenol is apparently mixed in results because its hard to isolate it from other risks.....


Fri Jan 24 17:27:09
They should just announce if you live in California everything will give you cancer and be done with it.
Then again maybe not. Don't wanna give the nuts yet another reason to flee the state.
Sam Adams
Fri Jan 24 18:58:58
California never learned the cry wolf story?

How sebbish.
Sat Jan 25 02:52:13
Don’t worry. Trump has promised that he will cure cancer ’very shortly’.

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