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Utopia Talk / Politics / they have sebs in seattle
Sam Adams
Thu Jan 23 12:06:05

Why, despite being just a tiny fraction of the population, are sebs people behind so much violent crime? In this case randomly shooting 9 people.
Sam Adams
Thu Jan 23 12:10:06
"One suspect, identified as Marquise Tolbert, has 21 arrests, three felony convictions and 12 gross misdemeanor convictions, according to public records.

The second suspect, identified as William Tolliver, has 44 arrests, one felony conviction and 18 gross misdemeanor convictions, records show."

sebs are treated so unfairly by the justice system. Just 44 chances to shape up!
Average Ameriacn
Thu Jan 23 12:59:07
Tolliver looks like an ape.
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