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Renzo Marquez
Thu Jan 23 17:36:11
Renzo Marquez
Sat Jan 25 18:38:49
Sun Jan 26 03:35:44
I wonder if this is from China also

The Children
Sun Jan 26 06:29:07
i dunt click on weird links from twitter cough garbage cough. i never does.

so if anyone culd tell me wazzup.

Sun Jan 26 10:00:21
In #Wuhan,people are collapsing on streets due to the deadly #WuhanPneumonia .
so helpless.

- -

Heartbreaking scenes from #Wuhan

#China 2020: A man infected with the #WuhanCoronovirus tried to escape but security forces returned him into the ambulance van.

- -

My link is only a video of a scary looking monster that is crawling on the street.
Sam Adams
Sun Jan 26 10:08:07
Are any normal people dieing or is it just the old and infirm?
Jebbebiah Wilkins
Sun Jan 26 10:33:53
They fucked up, don't deny it:


22 February 2017

A laboratory in Wuhan is on the cusp of being cleared to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens. The move is part of a plan to build between five and seven biosafety level-4 (BSL-4) labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025, and has generated much excitement, as well as some concerns.

Some scientists outside China worry about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations. But Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entrance to the elite cadre empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats.
Renzo Marquez
Sun Jan 26 17:20:21
The Overseer
Mon Jan 27 19:55:14
>>Are any normal people dieing or is it just the old and infirm?<<

Reports of at least one 36 year old.

So far, there have been fewer deaths than recoveries. So see what starts coming up. 76 deaths vs 44 recoveries on the latest combined number.

This is going off official numbers, though. So the only thing that tells us is shit's not better than what's been said.

Shenzhen has basically shut down except for supermarkets. Hong Kong is in the process of it.

My wife and daughter are in Shenyang in the North East. They've skipped coming to see me on the way back and are heading straight home via Korea. Everything is also shut down there as well.

There's starting to be doubt on whether the wet market was the source. To me it seems most likely that it was, but whatever.

My biggest thought about those is how do more diseases not come from them? They're fucking foul places. Even the Hong Kong ones are foul. The Shenzhen ones are foul, and those are the two best developed parts of China I've seen. (Shenzhen is basically the best mainland China has to offer)
The Children
Tue Jan 28 00:01:58
any slaughterhouse is foul, u fool.

it aint any better in aussieland, they just do it begind a closed door.
The Overseer
Tue Jan 28 02:51:22
Random unwashed people don't walk through Australian meat packing places and poke and prod at shit.

I worked in one for two weeks after high school. Not the slaughterhouse, where it was taken apart.

It was chilled. Scrubbed down with antiseptics each day. Staff washed their hands closely before doing anything and washed again on leaving.

There was a huge focus on hygiene.

A wet market, which you probably haven't had time to go to, is a big, open air affair, in which the floor is hosed (not disinfected) there's no temperature control and random people handle random bits of meat with their hands.
Tue Jan 28 07:27:02
"and random people handle random bits of meat with their hands."

thats chinese massage parlor
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