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Mon Jan 27 06:03:20
1 year 3 episodes/week with the option for 5 episodes/week.

30k Euros

We stream it on Youtube. The demographics is potentially HUGE. We need about 3-6 months to plan the details.

TC you can potentially become the biggest thing in China since the Chinese wall. Forget your begging for 500k, you can become a famous youtuber and take none of the financial risk, you just need to be you. I believe in you and am willing to invest 1-2k depending on how many backers we get.
large member
Mon Jan 27 06:40:49
I see some risk factors though. TC does not strike me as a follow through kind of guy.
Mon Jan 27 07:00:43
I mean ... how many hours ways can you film a battered Playstation 4, a 17" LCD, and a heavily overused fleshlight?

Mon Jan 27 14:25:23
So, the ball is really in TC court. He used to talk about wanting to become a famous youtuber. Here is his chance.
Wrath of Orion
Mon Jan 27 15:09:39
"TC does not strike me as a follow through kind of guy."

I'm sure his follow through while sweeping floors at the local McDonald's is at least acceptable.
Mon Jan 27 15:21:33
This should be his dream come true, hell id do it....it would be a cool year.
Mon Jan 27 16:20:07
I don’t think I will donate any moneys but I promise to like and subscribe.
Mon Jan 27 16:28:52
Actually, if TC really opens a channel and streams 2-5 episodes a week, I will donate some money. It would be worth it.
Tue Jan 28 07:45:35
We would effectively be producing the show with our money. Do you want to be a big shot Youtube producer or some loser in Sweden? Just don't be a Weinstein type producer and you will be fine.
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