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Utopia Talk / Politics / Bolton - a threat to national security
Wed Jan 29 14:22:02
White House has issued formal threat to Bolton

Washington (CNN)The White House has issued a formal threat to former national security adviser John Bolton to keep him from publishing his book, "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir," sources familiar with the matter tell CNN.

In a letter to Bolton's lawyer, a top official at the National Security Council wrote the unpublished manuscript of Bolton's book "appears to contain significant amounts of classified information" and couldn't be published as written.

The letter, which is dated January 23, said some of the information was classified at the "top secret" level, meaning it "reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave harm to the national security."

"The manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without the deletion of this classified information," the letter read.


So what is stopping Trump from droning Bolton to death?
Wed Jan 29 14:34:22
If anyone needs to be droned it's the officials in the NSC. Those swamp creatures have been leaking worse than the Titanic ever since Trump took office.

Hopefully this incident will finally drive POTUS over the edge and drive him to purge the security agencies wholesale.
Wed Jan 29 14:46:31
After the purge, maybe Trump can make a great deal and outsource the national security to Russia, or Israel?
Wed Jan 29 15:14:52
Para -

Who says we need our current level of national security at all? I'm not sure it's a good thing that the CIA has the ability drone strike random American citizens in the Yemen upon request, for example.
Wed Jan 29 15:15:05
ability *to
Wed Jan 29 16:03:38
It is unfortunate how president hires these people, one after another. But what are you going to do? It is not like the buck stops with Donald, and it is not like Bolton had a lengthy record of consistently being what he is. Donald couldn’t know it. Also, this is an improvement of sorts, for his NSA. Bolton just released a book, Trump previous National Security Advisor was a paid erdogan lobbyist among other things
Renzo Marquez
Wed Jan 29 16:31:24
Yeah, he deserves to be removed for hiring Bolton and listening to anything Kushner has to say at a minimum.
Wed Jan 29 17:58:44
This is why most everybody waits until the current president is out of office if they had security clearance and are writing about that president. It is standard for a book of this type to go through a venting process looking for classified information. What sucks for Bolton is if nobody had leaked the contents of the book it probably would have sailed through the process and been released in March.
Now it will be pushed back as several agencies will be examining it for classified information.
large member
Wed Jan 29 18:04:00
Lies are not classified. So if Trump story is that it is all lies, then Bolton is fine.

Now, if securities agencies contradict Trump by classifying stuff, then they are validating it.

The book was handed in for review. Standard practice.
Wed Jan 29 21:55:20
Lies or not the book has to be examined by many government agencies.

Again that is why you wait until later to write this kind of book. You are trying to disagree with me by basically repeating part of what I said.
smart dude
Wed Jan 29 23:18:14
"leaking worse than the Titanic"

I know I'm splitting hairs here, but didn't the Titanic let water in, not out?
smart dude
Wed Jan 29 23:19:30
I mean, the sole function of the NSA is to let information in. The sole function of a ship is to keep water out. Kind of a weird analogy? But you don't usually make sense anyway so I guess I'm not surprised.
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