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Utopia Talk / Politics / damnit the children
Sam Adams
Thu Jan 30 15:43:23
Stop eating snakes and bats. I know you are poor but cut that shit out.
The Children
Thu Jan 30 16:58:36
stfu u eat bulls testicles.

Thu Jan 30 17:09:15
Rocky Mountain Oysters when properly prepared are really tasty!
Rattlesnake is greasy, stringy and just kinda blah, but maybe it wasn't cooked right.
Bats I don't know. Not much meat on the ones around here.
The Children
Thu Jan 30 17:46:04
yea not much meat on squirrel either and raccoon prolly taste foul like the stench.


Thu Jan 30 18:13:18
Tc only eats the finest goods that $16.43 a month can buy.
Thu Jan 30 18:32:40
Haven't had the opportunity to try squirrel but would. Not sure on the raccoon I'd probably try it.
I can tell you rabbit is really good and if you are a meat eater concerned about the environment it is a great substitute for beef and pork.

Thing is you probably do not hunt and all this most likely is outside your budget so you will continue to miss out and all kinds of good food.

As an aside castrating a calf, jabbing the nut (after cleaning out the veins) with a stick and cooking it over the branding fire like you were roasting a marshmallow tastes pretty good. I prefer them fried but still not bad.
I recommend an amber beer to wash them down.
smart dude
Thu Jan 30 23:05:51
TC doesnt eat snake and bats. He consumes Doritos and Redbull and watches other people play video games all day because he can't afford them. He's also not Chinese, though his eternally disappointed ancestors might have been.
Fri Jan 31 00:03:16
Today I learned that kargen is an honorary chinaman.
Fri Jan 31 01:03:49
When I lived in Dallas I told the warehouse guy (a black guy) at the studio I was working at that I liked the fat on pork chops and he told me somewhere in the past one of my relatives must have been black. He was a bit more graphic in his statement.
Fri Jan 31 02:17:57


President Trump will sign “phase one” of his trade deal with China today. While there have been reports that China will make $40 billion in purchases of U.S. farm commodities as part of this deal, the specifics will be secret. What we do know is that the Trump Administration will permit China to export poultry products to the U.S.
In response, Senior Government Affairs Representative Food & Water Action Tony Corbo said,

“Among the most detrimental aspects of this deal is the USDA’s decision to grant equivalency status to Chinese poultry imports, which will mean more U.S. consumers buying and eating poultry products from a country that has had a long history of food safety scandals.

“To add insult to injury, since these products will be “processed,” so they are not subject to country-of-origin labeling requirements, leaving consumers in the dark. We have been leading the fight against equivalency status for Chinese poultry imports for the past 15 years. Americans do not want their food safety to be a secret. This trade deal is a failure and tragedy for America.”

Fri Jan 31 15:36:14
Food & Water Action is a group that also wants to immediately phase out use of all fossil fuels and most their agenda is around creating a more socialist type of government. And of course they believe GMO's should be banned simply because a corporation somewhere created them.

The fix here is for products that did originate in the United States be labeled as such if the producers of that product wish to do so. That way you can look for the made/produced in the USA sticker and just assume anything without that sticker is bad if you so desire.
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