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Utopia Talk / Politics / Michael Bloomberg: piece of shit
Thu Jan 30 18:48:21
Turns out the little shit's been straight up buying the support of Californian elected officials (and as a bonus, he's STILL pushing soda taxes like the cocksucking nanny-stater that he is).


Why are California's mayors lining up to endorse Mike Bloomberg?


A recent UC Berkeley poll found that 85% of Californians have either a negative opinion of Bloomberg or no opinion at all. Yet since entering the race late in November, Bloomberg has secured the endorsements of the mayors of three major cities in the state – San Francisco, Stockton and San Jose. “I haven’t met any Bloomberg supporters who were not elected officials, period,” Haney said.

Bloomberg, one of the richest people in the United States, has for years invested in developing political and support network for local leaders, providing them access to both money and expertise. All three California mayors who recently announced endorsements went through Bloomberg’s Harvard City Leadership Initiative, a training program for city mayors – Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs and San Jose mayor Sam Liccardo in 2018, and Breed in 2019. Tubbs attended the CityLab Summit in Paris in 2017, another Bloomberg-sponsored conference.

In San Francisco, Bloomberg’s support included a $275,000 donation to support a soda tax and $7.1m to defeat an initiative to reverse a ban on e-cigarette sales – both measures supported by Breed. In 2018, San Jose received up to $2.5m from Bloomberg Philanthropies to tackle climate change. In June, Bloomberg Philanthropies donated $500,000 to a Stockton-based education reform group.

Thu Jan 30 18:49:00
And since it's been some time since his garbage mayoralty, let's not forget some of its highlights, like his relentless crusade to deny law-abiding Americans their fundamental Second Amendment rights...

or his love of militarizing the police (so much so that he used to call the NYPD "my own army"...

or his statements about how we just have to "accept" mass surveillance...

or his more recent man-love for communist China (claiming Xi isn't a dictator because "he reflects the will of the people"...Jesus Christ)...

or the fact that he had his flunkies in the NYC city council abolish term limits so he could run for a third term, only to have them reestablish them once he decided to step down (Putin must have loved that move)...

or his blatantly cynical sudden renunciation of stop-and-frisk, which he did solely in order to not get crucified by the black vote in a Democratic primary...

or his advocacy for collecting DNA samples from all *suspects* (not convicts)...

God damn what a hateable man. This wannabe fascist can't be allowed anywhere near the White House.
Thu Jan 30 19:14:22
I'll say it again...he is by far the worst candidate running.
Thu Jan 30 19:28:32
"Turns out the little shit's been straight up buying the support of Californian elected officials"

Are you new to American politics? Bribery is legal so long as the thinnest coat of veneer is applied.
Thu Jan 30 20:07:43
Cuckservatives always get butt hurt over issues that literally do no matter at all unless you are a religous nutter or a helpless white male addicted to facebook.
Thu Jan 30 20:15:00
Thu Jan 30 20:26:07
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