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Utopia Talk / Politics / waz ur takes on plastic surgery
The Children
Fri Jan 31 17:01:34
wuld u do it.

wuld u marry someone who done it

The Children
Fri Jan 31 17:18:46
i seen some pics of before and after and holy shit are some of these average woman lookin HOT after.

some were downright UGLY and now lookin like actors and actresses...

Fri Jan 31 19:13:35
Your still gonna look asian.
Sat Feb 01 00:27:50
Jebbebiah Wilkins
Sat Feb 01 01:40:42
I have great experiences with ps, just ask me if you need any advise.
The Children
Sat Feb 01 07:19:42
i wasnt talkin bout myself u dufusses.

i was talkin about actors and actresses that use diz shits.

and i also wuld u marry one knowin he or she had plastic surgery before.

The Overseer
Sat Feb 01 07:42:41
>>i wasnt talkin bout myself u dufusses.<<

Of course not. You're beyond redemption and out of cash.

Paper bags are cheap, though.

And plastic bags are a long term solution.
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