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Thu Feb 06 16:26:09
Coronavirus: Whistleblower Dr Li Wenliang confirmed dead of the disease at 34, after hours of chaotic messaging from hospital

Li was one of the first doctors who tried to share information about the coronavirus only to be reprimanded by Wuhan police
Wuhan Central Hospital initially denied reports he was dead, saying he was in “critical condition”, before finally confirming he had died

Li Wenliang – one of the first doctors who tried to alert the public about the coronavirus outbreak, only to be reprimanded by local police – has died, Wuhan Central Hospital confirmed early Friday morning, hours after it initially denied reports of his death.

“In the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, our hospital's ophthalmologist, Li Wenliang, was unfortunately infected. He passed away after all the efforts we’ve taken to resuscitate him. We deeply mourn his passing,” the hospital said on its official Weibo account.

Li, 34, died at 2.58am on Friday, the hospital added.


The virus killed a young healthy man. Should we be worried now?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Feb 06 16:31:22
As of today the death toll is at 566 deaths.

Thu Feb 06 16:35:06
Btw, How do we know that it really was the virus that killed whistleblower Dr. Li and not the Wuhan police who executed him?
Thu Feb 06 18:30:57
Agrees with Paramount.
The Children
Fri Feb 07 01:21:54
how do we know manning wanted a sex change and wasnt forced upon by us government?
Fri Feb 07 02:45:50
Because most of our minds are not damaged by years of malnutrition.
The Children
Fri Feb 07 03:05:11
ur brain is born low IQ.

no amount of nutrition is gonna repair ur brain.
Fri Feb 07 07:45:21
a country that YouTubed itself into a 21st century measles outbreak does not get to talk shit about any one else's health practices.
Sat Feb 08 04:29:25
Coronavirus outbreak: 86 die in one day as infections in mainland China top 34,000


China threatens harsh punishments for people who disrupt virus control ... including the death penalty

From CNN's Lily Lee in Beijing

The Chinese government has issued new regulations to severely punish people who disrupt the epidemic control work. Those who violate the rules will be subject to speedy arrests and sentences, and even the death penalty.

In a joint statement released Saturday, China’s National Health Commission, Supreme Court, Supreme Procuratorate and Ministry of Public Security listed seven types of medical-related crimes.

Approval for arrest, prosecutions and trials will be fast-tracked as the epidemic prevention and control is at a "critical stage."

The statement ends by saying the death penalty will not be ruled out in severe cases.

The seven medical-related crimes affected by these new measures are:

Beatings, intentional injuries, and intentional killing of medical personnel.

Illegally restricting medical personnel's personal freedom using violence, threats, or blatantly insulting, intimidating, or slandering medical personnel.

Tearing protective gears off of and spitting on medical personnel, which may cause medical personnel to be infected with the new coronavirus.

Refusing to accept checks, quarantine, and treatment measures of medical and health institutions using violence, threats, or other methods, or obstructing medical and health institutions’ lawful disposal of corpses of infectious disease patients according to law.

Forcibly or intentionally destroying or occupying properties of medical and health institutions, or causing disturbances in the medical and health institutions, illegally placing dead bodies, setting up the mourning hall without permission, causing disorder and disrupting the normal conduct of epidemic prevention and control.

Illegally carrying guns, ammunition, tightly regulated instruments or explosive, radioactive, poisonous and corrosive materials while entering medical and health institutions.

Other situations that violate the safety of medical personnel and disrupt medical order.
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