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Utopia Talk / Politics / Will hatred reelect Trump?
Fri Feb 07 03:49:39
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As I watch opponents pound and pound, then pound again, on President Trump, I say to myself, "You're reelecting him; do keep pounding." I welcome the pummeling.

Trump, to be sure, is a strange guy. I have never witnessed anyone more in love with himself. If there is a world's record for narcissism, he holds it. I am reminded of Oscar Wilde's comment upon looking at himself in a mirror: "the beginning of a lifelong romance."

Caitlin Flanagan, writing in the May 2017 issue of "The Atlantic," put us onto the ironic paradox of victory through the vehicle of hatred. The title of her piece said it all: "How Late-Night Comedy Fueled the Rise of Trump. Sneering hosts have alienated conservatives and made liberals smug." She observed what the public sees in the comic mocking of the "deplorables" - "HBO, Comedy Central, TBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC. In other words, they see exactly what Donald Trump has taught them: that the entire media landscape loathes them, their values, their family, and their religion."

In January 2019, Flanagan issued this same paradoxical point to The New York Times: "You were partly responsible for the election of Trump because you are the most influential newspaper in the country, and you are not fair or impartial. Millions of Americans believe you hate them and that you will casually harm them. Two years ago, they fought back against you, and they won."

Then Flanagan added: "If Trump wins again, you will once again have played a small but important role in that victory."

The House impeachment hearings have enabled the same rise in public support of Trump. His poll ratings of late have reached the highest level of support in his tenure as president. Polls vary, but his favorable ratings now run anywhere between 46 percent to 50 percent. This owes to the intense hatred of him by the media and House Democrats.

Look at his presidential rallies since the poundings against him in the House: tens of thousands of supporters are showing up, many coming the night before and sleeping on the ground. The hatred has awakened the giant.

I don't much care for Donald Trump's character because his ego is larger than the Empire State Building. But I will vote for him because I very much like his many achievements as president. Haters don't want to acknowledge these achievements. They want to focus on what's wrong with a dream rather than what's right about it. If you show them a sheet of paper with dots on it, they will focus on the dots rather than on the otherwise full sheet of paper.

As I wrote this article, the Senate had just voted 51 to 49 not to have more witnesses testify. Democrats still want to draw out the final resolution of this trial. Ironically their slings and arrows will aid the president's reelection.

Ronald L. Trowbridge, Ph.D., is a policy fellow at the Independent Institute. He was appointed by President Reagan to the United States Information Agency and later became chief of staff for Chief Justice Warren Burger.
Fri Feb 07 03:54:29

He does seem to feed on the hatred, which huge amounts of talk show hosts, comedians and mostly other Hollywood media types espouse not only on Trump but his supporters often at anyome who doesny hate him like they do.
Fri Feb 07 04:39:44
Thou shalt put no Idols above me. Seems to be the Trump mantra.
large member
Fri Feb 07 04:53:45
Loathsome Donald certainly does not thrive on direct personal characterizations. He pays good money for NDAs after all.

He simply does not care about what people think of things he has done.

Contemptible Trump's ego is vulnerable, but only to direct attacks on it.
large member
Fri Feb 07 05:11:32
I am incidentally only trying to help out Fraud Donald by normalizing his mode of communication.

We should all learn how to characterise people. Don't judge them by what they do. Define them by it.
large member
Fri Feb 07 05:18:28
I will now go and check his recent tweets for new words.

Lean pickings. Only Fail Trump and Mini Donald (we all know what mini is referring to).
Fri Feb 07 07:42:30
How is this not an easily spotted propaganda piece? Any (objective) measure of trump would not come out favorable, so suggesting that all of the bad things be ignored for the good is lunacy.
Fri Feb 07 08:08:54
"Will hatred reelect Trump?"

Yes, it might. Hate and fear motivate better than hope, and if you only could select a single quote to explain US politcs to people, it would probably be this LBJ's pearl -

"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."
Fri Feb 07 08:27:30
CR, that is the key to divide and conquer. Or rule the masses. Greeks did it, Romans did it, British Empire did it. Goes on all the time in the US. Just look at the Bible belt.
Fri Feb 07 09:13:43
If I were Trumpicans, I would start worrying about what comes after The Trump. I mean I have enjoyed The Trump the way anyone enjoys watching a car on fire, from a safe distance. However even the biggest car fire, must come to an end.
Fri Feb 07 13:22:28
Cr, That quote sums up identity politics well, something the dems are famous for. Switch white and black with liberal and conservative or minority and wasp etc. It all works.

Nimatzo, I have and its a good legitimate point. I really dont know if anyone could fill his shoes.
Fri Feb 07 14:06:04
LBJ was pretty racist before he did an about face.
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