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Utopia Talk / Politics / China threatens France over 5g
Sun Feb 09 21:33:34

Basically China is losing ground on 5g since the Trump banned them and has pressured allies to follow suit so China is claiming its not free-market to bam there state run company ( de facto)
Sun Feb 09 21:35:28
China Just Issued Stark New Threats Over Huawei: This Time Nokia And Ericsson Are In Its Sights
Zak DoffmanContributor
I write about security and surveillance.
China has issued threats to other countries before, warning of the economic consequences of discriminating against its telco champion Huawei in the award of 5G contracts. And so it’s little surprise that Beijing has done so once again, this time in France, where multiple media reports suggest a government shutout of the Chinese manufacturer from its network rollout.

What’s different this time, though, is that those threats have been aimed at Nokia and Ericsson, Huawei’s core competition. “China has always given Nokia and Ericsson fair treatment in the deployment of 5G networks in China,” said a statement on the website of Beijing’s embassy in Paris, “and has even allowed them to take part in the deployment of the core networks.”

In a long statement that ironically claimed that French action would go against “the principles of a market economy and free trade,” Beijing said that any “difference in treatment of companies according to their country of origin will constitute overt discrimination and disguised protectionism.”

And so the threat: “We do not wish to see the development of European companies in the Chinese market affected by the discrimination and protectionism of France and other European countries with regard to Huawei.”

France’s seeming decision to exclude Huawei has been seen in some quarters as a further rebuff to the U.K. and its decision to include the Chinese equipment in a limited capacity, much to the aggravation of the U.S. government and President Trump. There is a further irony that Paris can be seen to be taking U.S. warnings more seriously than London. One is Washington’s closest security ally, the other has been much more critical of U.S. security policy in the past. They seem to have got this the wrong way around.

Confirmation in France that its biggest operator, Orange, had selected Nokia and Ericsson came just days after London’s alternative view made headlines around the world. The French decision has become part of an intensifying campaign within the U.K.’s governing Conservative Party, as hawkish politicians look to push the government to overturn its decision. There is genuine alarm in the U.K. at the longterm implications of the decision, to say nothing of the damage it looks set to do to elements of the relationship with Washington.

For its part, Huawei has welcomed the U.K. decision. The Chinese embassy statement even referenced the security evaluation center set up in the U.K. to monitor Huawei as an example of how best security practice.

The Chinese statement talked up the technical advantages Huawei has over its European rivals, before reverting to more ominous tones. “China has never shown France the slightest concern about national security—we hope our two countries can maintain mutual trust in these areas.”

In December, I reported that China had been exposed threatening Germany and Denmark with economic penalties if the countries reversed awards to Huawei and followed U.S. advice to exclude the company. These threats of “serious consequences” were more blatant than this more nuanced tone in France.

But that said, there is obviously a further mix here of company and state, as China lobbies for Huawei this way, mixing business and politics. This does not help claims of independence. This is not a country beating its enterprise drum as would normally be the case, this is blunt politics and international influence at work. This is unlikely to wash well in France, and it may backfire, giving the U.K. hawks more ammunition to use in their campaign against the government.

“This makes no logical sense,” senior Conservative Sir Iain Duncan-Smith wrote in Sunday’s (February 9) Daily Telegraph on the U.K.’s own decision. “It is inconceivable that such a decision should be made in the face of all the evidence of the threat that China poses to us and our allies.”

The news from France will no doubt fuel the next wave of such protests.
Mon Feb 10 00:17:50
5g is a fucking waste of money and time anyways. It has no range, the speed is completely worthless given the US has data caps (thanks for killing net neutrality republicans).

Mon Feb 10 00:55:59
5g is more than just mm wavelengths. The protocol has some spiffy throughput and energy saving techniques for regular 4g wavelengths.

The 5g Verizon advertises is a waste of money. The 5g T-Mobile advertises isn't.
Mon Feb 10 02:10:22
Well, I finally agree with dukhat. ( net neutrality)
large member
Mon Feb 10 02:45:25
If State surveillance is your concern, then definitely go with Huawei.

We know it is under scrutiny. As opposed to companies mandated by law to back door in Western Surveillance capability.

Now if you don't mind Western State surveillance potential, but only worry about Chinese stuff, then of course it is best to go with infrastructure with Western States can access. Hopefully with court orders, but history has shown that hope is optimistic.
large member
Mon Feb 10 02:46:41
Above is the key reason the US is pushing for a Huawei ban. The NSA does not have back door access to that infrastructure.
Mon Feb 10 07:25:26
What fecal matter from who's anus have you been huffing? You don't need hardware-coded backdoors when you're already getting access to the network that hardware is supporting. The NSA doesn't care about not having backdoors to Huawei; they can get it readily from AT&T, Comcast, etc.
large member
Mon Feb 10 07:43:26
"Simplified and automated" would be key words for why back door access to core 5G infrastructure is desirable.

That the NSA does not care about being locked out of core architecture would be an extremely naive view.

But you could be called worse things than extremely naive. You should be able to take some comfort in that.
The Children
Tue Feb 11 00:21:08
habebebe= idiot?

where do u get ur news from kid. its not china threatening the world, it is usa threatening the world to not use huawei.

the other way around, fool.

and the world has had enough and aint listenin 2 uncle sam no more.

the fake in ur fakenews is an understatement.
Tue Feb 11 01:13:42
"where do u get ur news from"

The link is literally the first thing I posted...
Tue Feb 11 01:16:21
No one here makes me laugh as much as tc.

He reminds me of mort from game of thrones ( season 1, when region was in a sky cell), only malnourished and Chinese.
The Children
Tue Feb 11 12:26:18
i see the link, u dumbass.
its all fake news, u retard.

it is the usa that is threatenin the world 2 not use huawei equipment, u utter babonic moron.

not the other way around.

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