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Utopia Talk / Politics / One payer Healthcare>US
Wed Feb 12 11:14:58
Change my mind.

Personally I like the idea of HC savings accounts bit afaik its a theory ( perhaps someone has tried it?) and not as politically feasible.

For all of its flaws, we know single payer has huge advantages to the current US system.
Wed Feb 12 12:04:51
I have come to the understanding that there are nuances. When you look at the metrics a couple of countries without single payer systems are on top, Netherlands and Switzerland for instance. They rank highest in Europe Europe and they are private insurance based and higher than the US in comparison studies. But these systems while not single payer are not like the US lack of a system. If you look at some of the countries without universal coverage, you find glorious places like Congo, Ethiopia, India and USA.

It isn’t about the financing of the insurance.
Wed Feb 12 12:38:08
Well, the US is a perfect storm of the worst. I dont know that SP is the best, i think it is better than what we have.

What about the Netherlands and the Swiss plans do you think make it work?
large member
Wed Feb 12 12:59:00
Swiss: Health care is universal and insurance companies "are not allowed to make a profit off this basic insurance"

Too lazy to look up Holland, but its probably the same thing.
Wed Feb 12 13:15:47
Now in the US I think we have to realize that its more than just insurance that we have underlying problems that contribute to a huve amount of health problems and cost.

1. We're fat, we are really fat. I wouldnt mind some consideration of things lile a sugar tax that the money must go towards health care.

2. Tobacco, i think wete doing a lot better with this. But again these taxes should contribute directly towards countering the negative health effects.

3.heart disease/ diabetes and cancer. Now these are exacerbated by some things I listed above but we should set goals and initiatives to focus on these.

4. End of life care.

5. Substance abuse, this is so complex with the war on drugs and many other factors etc.

6. Mental health.

Jergul, I like the idea that basic health care cant turn a profit. I think a strong focus on basic health care would be the biggest factor in helping all the problems I listed above
Wed Feb 12 13:55:59
You need look no further than Canada. They have universal health care.
They have lower infant mortality and higher life expectancy.
They pay for it through much higher sales tax than we have in this country.
They save a bunch by not having to pay huge insurance rates like we do in this county.
They have their own primary care doctors just like we do in the US.
They don't lose their insurance if the company they work for closes.
They don't lose their insurance if they decide to go out on their own and open a business.
They aren't denied insurance if they have pre-existing conditions.
They are covered birth to death.

Have at it boys bring up all the bad things.

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