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Utopia Talk / Politics / When u can’t compete, DESTROY THEM
Thu Feb 13 13:16:54
The US can’t compete, so they will simply DESTROY China’s crown jewel Huawei. Pure gangsta.

First they kidnapped and jailed Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer.

Then they are spreading rumors about Huawei that they have backdoors and are spying, and they are making threats and trying to extort other countries to not make business with Huawei. Pure gangsta.

And now the US has the audacity to charge Huawei with “racketeering and conspiracy to steal trade secrets” when we all know that this is what the US has been doing all long:


The war has begun. How will China respond? Or is China gonna sit there and let the US pee on and destroy them?
Thu Feb 13 13:17:55
Statement by Huawei:

Thu Feb 13 13:57:04
Well, to be fair the US is fihting back against a government owned/backed monopoly.

So neither side is fighting fair in the sense that they are not just letting companies do there thing and see who produces better results.

Huawei is not a publicly traded company, its owned by a union that answers to Beijing.
Thu Feb 13 13:59:33
The downside. Is that the US now is allowing unfair monopolies ( t mobile/sprint deal) and imo its in part to compete against China who doesnt fight dair either barring a slew of US companies on similar grounds.
The Children
Thu Feb 13 14:08:00
huawei has the best smartphones

habebe= naief american troll

huaweis r superior.

Thu Feb 13 15:39:13
Samsung or Apple ( if you dont mind all that control) has the best smart phones...go South Korea.
large member
Thu Feb 13 16:24:46
heh, huawei is making the argument I made recently.

Manchurian jergul I guess will become the new fad.
smart dude
Thu Feb 13 23:11:18
Paramount's obsession with the U.S. continues. Must be sad to live in a country nobody cares about.
Fri Feb 14 17:57:38
This may be one of the few issues Pelosi and Trump agree100%

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