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Fri Feb 14 02:52:55

Too lazy to copy the article...
large member
Fri Feb 14 03:11:17
heh. "Pante" just means deposit (or pawn or security (as in the loan is has security in habby's stamp collection).

The deposit is non trivial 35 cents for a small bottle and 70 for a large one.

I would like it to be more.

BUT - there is a lot of cross border trade and bottled pop is far cheaper in Denmark and Sweden. I suspect the return rates on those bottles is far, far lower.
Fri Feb 14 03:37:11

Germany has an almost identical system. And despite all the recent social media attention on Norway's success story, a closer look at the figures suggests Germany may still be using it to better effect.

Sundt says Norway's much-quoted 95 percent recycling rate is actually the return rate, including everything that's collected and doesn't end up polluting the land or sea — even if ultimately the bottles end up being incinerated rather than recycled.

Sundt doesn't know how high the actual recycling rate of PET bottles in Norway is — the data just isn't available — but he estimates the figure to be at about 80 to 90 percent.

"That's still very high," he told DW.

According to a report by the German Society for Packaging Market Research, 93.5 percent of all PET bottles in Germany were recycled in 2015, and 97.9 percent of PET bottles were sold with a deposit on them.
large member
Fri Feb 14 03:53:56
That makes sense to me. But the energy in the bottles are recycled even when incinerated.

One of the problems with incinerators is low quality fuel (soiled diapers do not burn well). Plastic in the mix is quite helpful in keeping decent energy production (heated water for pipe distribution).
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