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Fri Feb 14 02:58:13

Now this is a morning consult poll, so Idk about accuracy but Chuck Todd can suck it...its a shame that had been my favorite show, and I still watch it but he is no Tim Russert.

Bernie is leading in national polls by 11% higher than Pete and 12% higher than Bloomberg.

Fri Feb 14 02:59:12
Who has a poll breakdown of the Super Tuesday states?
Fri Feb 14 03:02:34

Got an.
large member
Fri Feb 14 04:45:49

Sanders 25->29
Biden 17->19
Warren 14->10
Buttigieg 10->11
Klobuchar 4->5
Bloomberg 15->18
large member
Fri Feb 14 04:59:09
The poll is in other words probably ok. The changes are within margins of error.
Fri Feb 14 11:48:25
Democrats really need to settle on a candidate already. The longer it takes, the less time Trump will have to concentrate his energy on destroying whoever ends out on top.
Fri Feb 14 13:10:43
I just read he has a strong lead in Cali ( no surprise) and a decent lead in TX...the two biggest super Tuesday states...we know he will take Vt
Fri Feb 14 13:53:34
Trump has already sicked Rush onto Buttigieg calling out his gayness. If Rush kicks the bucket before election time there is always Howie Carr sitting in the wings to take over.
He's been doing his Pocahontas bit on Warren for a couple of years.
Bloomberg is being called for his being short. That means a lot to Trump. Next to people being too tall forcing him to look up at them. He feels very comfortable belittling shorter people.
He doesn't feel too threatened yet on
We already know what he's done to Biden
I'm sure he'll have Sanders painted as Karl Marx reincarnated before long.
Sam Adams
Fri Feb 14 13:53:46
A communist supported by whining kids and lazy millennials.

What could go wrong?
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