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Utopia Talk / Politics / Coronavirus profiteering
Sun Mar 08 11:44:14
3% to 3.375% 30 year fixed, go.

Corona beer

Corona virus

Corona mortgage
The Children
Sun Mar 08 12:25:37
speak human langauge.

the wanderer
Sun Mar 08 12:43:11
i believe he's saying a good time to buy a home

as Trump's constant inappropriate badgering + coronavirus fears have gotten interest rates lowered
large member
Sun Mar 08 12:53:55
I would wait a few weeks. The factors will definitely get better.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 08 13:01:26
camp outside an old person's home & wait for the virus to get 'em
Sun Mar 08 13:52:23
Every homeowner in the United States is, or should be, refinancing.
Sun Mar 08 13:53:46
Which means I'm in the process of setting a personal production record.
Sun Mar 08 13:58:19
My assistant should make $15k this month.
sam adams
Sun Mar 08 15:25:23
Whats the delta in percentage points to make refi worth it?

I thought my rate was good, but damn these are currently off the hook!
Mon Mar 09 00:07:47
Probably April through June. Peak of the coranovirus will have markets going apeshit.

I believe in the CDC and our emergency institutions can still alleviate the suffering. It will be far more expensive and costly in terms of human lives than it would've been otherwise because of Trump. But it's still manageable because we're still a rich country.

If hospitals get overwhelmed, we can fly people to other states and military bases to get treatment.

Which means that the problem will get better once about 3 weeks past the peak rate of spread.

And sadly, the peak rate of spread is probably going to be about a month from now due to testing and peak cases a month afterwards.

... still go buy a house homeys. I already have my eye on upgrading my boat again. Having money i a panic is the best time.
large member
Mon Mar 09 00:37:27
There is no fixed delta on that. It depends on when you next refinance or sell your property. Rule of thumb is if you wait more than 3 years, any cheaper refinancing will be profitable.

I would still wait. We just know Trump is going to nag the Federal Reserve to reduce another 0.5 at least.
Mon Mar 09 11:23:26
TheChildren do you still need money?


Get PAID to have coronavirus: Scientists in London will pay volunteers £3,500 to be infected in experiments to develop a vaccine for the deadly virus

Scientists based in Whitechapel will recruit 24 members of the public
The study will test if a jab developed by Hvivo will successfully fight COVID-19
Participants will be injected with two weaker strains of the coronavirus

The Children
Mon Mar 09 14:42:02
r u shittin me. 3500 for a chance of gettin lungdisease and die.

fuck these cheap bastards.

Mon Mar 09 14:55:06
Dude. They will feed you too while your there.
Mon Mar 09 22:42:07
My loan gets adjusted in April automatically. I would rather the stock market stayed strong as my loan will be paid in 18 months anyway and the changes won't make much difference.

The Children unless you have some other health problem the virus shouldn't be much more than the sniffles. You are young and according to you in good shape so no problem.
smart dude
Tue Mar 10 00:37:58
He lives on Doritos and Red Bull and sits in front of the computer all day watching YouTube. How healthy can he be?
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