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Utopia Talk / Politics / Republicans should've Impeached
Mon Mar 09 00:02:12
Pence would've listened to scientists and be cruising to re-election on the economy alone.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Mar 09 15:31:14
Yeah and Trump would've been good and quite for good of the party and country.
Mon Mar 09 15:39:49
Are you kidding? Nominee Pence would be completely railroaded by the same mass media establishment that's characterized every GOP candidate since 2004 as a total piece of shit.

The fact that he has a more even temperament than Trump doesnt matter at all since the leftwing press doesnt just attack character but ideology as well. In fact, the big reason Trump succeeded where McCain and Romney failed is because he refused to play ball and let the media dictate how he would be characterized in the public eye. Do you seriously think Republicans should go back to the days when their public image was dictated by a bunch of NYC and DC journalists who are absolutely hostile to everything they believe in?
Wed Mar 11 18:52:34
Is that rhetorical? Ofc he does
Sat Mar 21 07:55:11
Remindme! 30 days
smart dude
Sat Mar 21 11:07:28
"Nominee Pence would be completely railroaded by the same mass media establishment"

Yes, and the railroading would be far less effective because Pence is far less incompetent than Trump. Welcome to politics. Stop being a moron.
Mon Mar 23 17:29:56
No question that CNN has turned from a moderately reliable news organization into a total shit-show in the last 20 years. Much like jergul.
large member
Mon Mar 23 18:14:25
If only we could all be fair and balanced.
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