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Utopia Talk / Politics / Wage slavery 3.0
Tue Mar 10 08:54:28
So, for those of you who care, I was handed this IT Project over a year ago, it came to an end. Everyone who had anything to do with it quit, fell off cliffs or into volcanoes leaving me the sole survivor who knows and understands the system at an expert level. Domain specific knowledge aside, people have been more than satisfied with how I have handled it all.
I have now informally been offered the position as manager for the entire systems&process. It is a good move for me, of that there is no doubt. The only problem is that they gave this job to a coworker in the fall because I said no at the time, then she went on parental leave (I didn't). Now here I am, the stereotypical middle aged (by some accounts also white) man stealing a job (a leadership position) from a woman with a higher academic degree than him. An MSc of all things, can you believe it Jergul?

And all I had to do was sacrifice time away from home and my son. Will this be worth it when he joins the Islamic state or worse, becomes gay? Probably.

Joking aside the main reason this is happening is because she does not get things done, but she has very interesting discussion that lead to nowhere. In so many Words, she is deemed fit for the task.

Why did I say no to begin with? It was a taxing project, I came close to the wall and it ended of grazing me. So at the end I was happy it was over and that I could move on, but now things are much clearer and this is the right move to make.
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Tue Mar 10 09:22:42
My argument is more along the lines of not having kids before firmly entrenched in the upper reaches of whatever career a woman chose.

I am not at all surprised that underperformance will have you onboard to joint manage the project with her (you do not think she is going to be demoted do you?)

Good luck, have fun!
Tue Mar 10 09:44:24
"My argument is more along the lines of not having kids before firmly entrenched in the upper reaches of whatever career a woman chose."

So in other words, your argument is that women shouldn't want to have kids until it's too late.
Tue Mar 10 09:51:44
Or, she could have taken another one of your advice and stopped after the first kid, I think you would prefer that. She will be fine, she belongs to a lineage of provincially famous Social democrats.
But you know that are so many ways to backstep out of these things without formally demoting anyone. Formally the job description and what is expected of the person has changed to such a degree that this decision needs to be re-evaluated. It also helps that all these decisions were taken by a division chief who was formally demoted among the many changes in the corporate wide re-design. The union is already notified and OK with it.

It is a permanent role however not temporary, I would be in charge of delivering system&process solutions and improvements.
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Tue Mar 10 10:12:03
Nah, freeze the eggs in their 20s. Its what women should be doing anyways.

They could backstep. Or they could promote a token foreigner to help her out.

Which from the job description you gave sounds exactly what is going down. She has the overall system management. You are responsible for finding solutions to problems and improvements.

It probably does not matter, but she has not really been outflanked.
Tue Mar 10 12:45:07
Where is this Machavellian analysis coming from? I may have used too many trigger words. If you remember is episode 2.0 I was asked to come in and take over the project as well. This token foreigner already replaced one Swede. He quit. Don’t worry he is fine, he is now Quality manager in another company, closer to home. That is how I ended up here in the first place. While the implementation project was going on, everyone probed me about the position, even her, I was adamant though, preemptively at times.

How else does a person show they have reached a specific status or point in their career? Realistically not by giving up any and all attempts to forward their career. No, you simply don’t try as hard and prioritize other things and give them your focus and energy.
large member
Tue Mar 10 12:54:57
Organizations are not our friends (unless we own them). Contract wording is the only thing that matters.

It is wise to be Machiavellian. I was not trying to belittle your achievement, but mind the details of what your contract specifically says.
Tue Mar 10 13:22:39
Ah, ok. Well if makes you feel more at ease, I work at a government owned company. ;-)

But seriously, it’s a pretty good employer, ranked quite high among young academics. One of those places that pays you extra on top of your parental leave so you get 100% instead of 80%.

You are right about due diligence reading the contract, especially given how many people got burned by this project. 10 people in total either quit or burned out as a direct result. And it only cost 3 times more while delivering underwhelming results!

I think I can do some good here though, this whole fuck up was so easy to avoid, if someone like me had been there when they were looking for new software.
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