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Utopia Talk / Politics / Is trump trying to kill his supporters?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Mar 11 03:45:06
Cornavirus is mostly lethal among older people with health issues. Trump's key demo yet Trump himself keeps downplaying the danger.
Wed Mar 11 05:32:30
He can’t see the forest for the trees. The only thing he cares about is the stock market and re-election. Just check his twitter today. It’s the same absurd shit of retweeting sycophants, blaming the media/democrats, and making light of the virus.

We are so fucked with him in charge.
Wed Mar 11 06:42:11
According to highly sophisticated calculations, 2 million dead in the 65+ bracket if you do nothing and let nature sort itself out.

Then again, what exactly are you going to do?

You guys lack the necessary social Insurances like sick pay and parental leave to motivate self-quarantine. In Sweden you qualify for 80% the second day. They are now discussing removing the first day penalty.

Imagine if they close the schools/day cares down for 2 months. One parents needs to stay home. How are you paying the bills? Not to speak of the punch in the gut of the national productivity.

You had a good run America, but this is were the road ends. In 4 months the only thing left will be the Corona zombies and a few rag tag militias in Montana. If only you had a good guy with socialism.
Wed Mar 11 07:48:12
Well just in case I get the Coronavirus, see you guys on the other side. Although there has been no confirmed cases in Maine. :)
the wanderer
Wed Mar 11 11:58:41
President Trump will launch a “Catholics for Trump” coalition in a campaign appearance in Milwaukee next week, his reelection campaign said Wednesday.

come worship the devil's minion (& maybe get sick)

The coalition will be one of several the campaign has launched as it looks to court specific voting groups; the campaign has also introduced “Evangelicals for Trump,” “Black Voices for Trump” and “Veterans for Trump,” for example. (there's also a "Women for Trump")


all the people who should hate him most... the bold king of frauds
Wed Mar 11 12:11:51
What about Jews for Trump? Hamas for Trump?
Wed Mar 11 12:21:12
Hamas has too low of a voter turnout.
Wed Mar 11 12:47:43

Do you understand that they support him because hes indintitely better than the competition?

Theres a wing of the Democratic Party that thinks that ones Catholic faith should be grounds for disqualifying you from holding federal office for example.

large member
Wed Mar 11 12:57:02
You do know of course that Catholics are overwhelmingly Democrats, right?

Clutching at straws. Trump knows better than you that his days are numbered. It goes with him tying himself to the DOW index.
the wanderer
Wed Mar 11 13:01:27
"better than the competition"
i wish that was all... but there are nutballs out there who believe Trump "is highly biblical" and they will "never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime"

if a devout muslim was up for judicial nomination, might R's not question how much their faith would affect their decisions? sounds like that person wrote specific religious pro-life speeches
Wed Mar 11 13:56:54
Gotta love those wildly biased articles that pretend reality doesn't exist to try and defend religion.
Wed Mar 11 14:09:39
They think that Trump will get rid of abortion and that will get them into heaven.

Well ... I guess they’ll find out pretty soon.
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