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Utopia Talk / Politics / WW III Blues
Wed Mar 11 07:42:49
A little redneck rock to celebrate that we're all gonna die in the next 10 years! (vox sung straight into the laptop mic cos I hate singing and therefore cant be bothered to buy a mic)

Wed Mar 11 07:43:04
Wed Mar 11 07:44:54
We get up
We fall down
Back and forth
Round and round and round and round

Yeah, we’ve been
Here before
Now we’re coming
Back for more and more and more

No time to lose
Got the world war 3 blues

That’s right honey, you lose!

Nothings right
Nothings wrong
In a void
That goes on and on and on

Mountains melt
Seas have dried
A final war
Before we suicide

You satisfied?

No time to lose
It's a world war 3 blues
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