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The Children
Thu Mar 12 14:47:32

made her own sanitiziers for 10 cents a pop, sellin it for 3,95.

its like...PRINTIN MONEY!!
Thu Mar 12 15:28:01
Listen all you need is carrots and water, this guy online told me so years ago.
Wrath of Orion
Thu Mar 12 15:35:49
This person sold 14 bottles at $2.50 a pop, which is more money than TC has made in his entire life.
Thu Mar 12 16:04:18
the wanderer
Thu Mar 12 16:10:07
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is hawking a silver-infused toothpaste he falsely claims has the power to kill the new coronavirus.

The InfoWars founder claims the product has been verified by federal officials — despite there being no known FDA approved medicine or vaccine able to prevent or treat COVID-19.

“The patented nanosilver we have, the Pentagon has come out and documented and Homeland Security has said this stuff kills the whole SARS-corona family at point-blank range,” Jones said on his talk radio program Tuesday, HuffPost reported. The night before he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

The “Super-Silver Whitening Toothpaste” has been discounted from $19.95 a tube to $9.95, “despite all the hell breaking loose,” Jones said.

The Food and Drug Administration has said that colloidal silver, also known as nanosilver, can’t treat any disease or condition.

Products that contain colloidal silver can be dangerous to one’s health, even causing “serious side effects,” the Department of Health and Human Services found.

It has been added to a list of products the FDA and Federal Trade Commission say are being erroneously sold to prevent or treat COVID-19.


more support for my 'Trump backers are criminals' theory
Wrath of Orion
Thu Mar 12 16:13:29
We've got a few posters on here that have probably already stocked up on that shit.
Thu Mar 12 16:20:24
I could see many Trump backers being criminals.
rlver of blood
Fri Mar 13 00:08:17
I have been eating nothing but carrots and water for the last three months and I'm fine. Wife is fine. Friends are fine. It took a fake virus narrative to implode the country. Who's to blame?
rlver of blood
Fri Mar 13 00:09:58
Oh, oh, oh, oh...it turns out that eating real food and taking care of yourself prevents disease! My god, how extraordinary. Too bad nobody ever thought of that before. Coronavirus my ass. Just keep sleeping.
Fri Mar 13 00:17:04
Did ROB have species reassignment surgery into a rabbit?

More at 11.
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