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Utopia Talk / Politics / The Wal-Mart crowd
Sat Mar 14 23:36:51
Atleast locally still fucking lobes Trump.

I over heard tonight several people talking about the Coronavirus and how Europe is angry at Trump, but they will be thanking him later and wished they had handled this as well as Trump has.

Now I'm still in the boat of its too early to tell, but so far I'd say it could be worse.

That was a real conversation that happened at the Florence Wal-Mart ( downtown)
State Department
Sun Mar 15 00:24:32
Yeah, let's get angry at Trump, not the bat soup retards.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 15 01:48:48
"and wished they had handled this as well as Trump has. "

so sickening how the words the obvious fraud end up in the mouths of the fools... that's straight from his oval office reading (and probably repeated by his propaganda team at Fox)
The Children
Sun Mar 15 02:21:26
now we see the locusts grabbin stuff up lmao.

how come people didnt fight in skorea or japan or euro countries.

how come the only fightin i saw were in aussieland and yankeeland. LOLOLOL

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