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Utopia Talk / Politics / Corona: end of superpower USA
Wed Mar 18 07:12:18
The economy of the USA will totally crash, that's a given.

This will give Trump one more reason to give up most military bases outside of the USA.

Nobody will uphold sanctions against Communist North Korea any longer. Communist North Korea will be able to mass produce nuclear weapons.

Nobody will defend capitalist Taiwan any longer. Communist China will do whatever it wants with Taiwan including annexation.

Nobody will finance terrorists in Syria any longer and comrade Assad will finally destroy them and also the Kurds if they resist any longer.

Corona infested Africa will beg for help from Communist China and they will receive. Africa will become a protectorate of China and China will have unlimited access to the resources of Africa. Africa will basically become one huge labor camp for China.

Russia will suffer somewhat because of the low oil price, but will get support from Communist China. Russia will get goods like smartphones for their oil and gas instead of money.

Money: the $ will become worthless and the Yuan will rule the world. The $ bills will serve as a replacement for toilet papers in most parts of the world.
Wed Mar 18 07:38:11
I thought you were supposed to be a troll account, not an actual believer in pazy communism.
Wed Mar 18 07:42:20
But your narrative is flawed anyway. Everything that China has done during this crisis, from completely fucking up the initial response to the outbreak, to implying that the virus came to the US and banning Western journalists from the country, have shown once again that China is a force for harm in the world and that we need to build stronger barriers against them.

Trump will never get full credit for it, but making the idea of confronting China mainstream will be one of his greatest achievements in safeguarding the long term health of Western Civilization.
Wed Mar 18 07:42:38
*from the US
The Children
Wed Mar 18 08:51:51
force of harm?

jesus christ, do u even hear urself.

we came 2 honor our ancient alliances with old powers and gave them supplies and goodiez when we need it as much as they do.

we gave the world experience, knowledge on the outbreak. everything they need to know.

the world is gratefull except for toxic americans who spin everything around.

ur a pathetic nation.

the facts are clear. when the outbreak first began u spread lies about wuhan lab.

now the ball is on the other court.

facts are, there have been military games in wuhan before the outbreak. facts are america participated and finished last somehow. for a socalled military worldpower and to finish last????

lmao its almost as if they didnt care or they were sick, very sick to begin with.

they spend there weeks close to the wetmarket and wuhan lab for some reason.

a few weeks after they left, the first cases occured.

these are facts.

explain urselves bitches.
Fri Mar 20 00:02:18
I think the possibility at this point is real, although I wouldn't just point this at just the USA and it's super power status, but of forcing a rebuild of the entire world economy.

Think the economic discords following the devastation of WW 2. That scale of impact.
Fri Mar 20 01:36:57
Hrothgar, This is no WW2, odds are this will be a short lived thing, a year at most ( probably MUCH less). In the grand scheme of things nothing historically impactful as ww2. Im the end the US should come oit of this well.

Worst case scenario we lose a bunch of older sick individuals.While as unfortunate as that is, it will lower our expenditures as these are expensive to the state.

Best case scenario we have few die and come up with a vaccine quickly. The world will have been paused economically for a bit but with accelerated on many things tele health/schooling many other things leading to efficiency.

Also Irans government is greatly weakened.
Fri Mar 20 03:25:40
lol, the dollar is stronger than ever. People are scrambling for safe assets as the world heads into a recession.
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