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Wed Mar 18 10:23:13
so we got the binge show thread, why not a video game thread? ive started playing the OG open world game, Oblivion and fuck is it fucking long. i havent even gotten to my first oblivion gate yet. but ive played enough to master alchemy. what are yall playing?
The Children
Wed Mar 18 10:36:04
these r the shits u gotta own the coming weeks.

Star wars jedi fallen order for that uncharted and star wars vibez.

RE3 for that horror survival virus outbreak thingie.

FF7 for that nostalgia thingie

Last of us 2 for the year of the gamey thingie

if u cant wait that long, theres some older games u can still play.

i saw red dead 2 for a bargain price. i might get it.

Nioh 2, sekiro shadows die twice, plenty of good stuff.
Wrath of Orion
Wed Mar 18 10:41:58
You mean a thread where TC tells us what games he would own if wasn't so goddamn poor?
The Children
Wed Mar 18 10:45:46
i already saved up for at least the first 4, u dumbass bitch.

unlike u my foresight is nostradamus level.

Wed Mar 18 11:02:07
i wasnt aware there was a last of us 2. i liked the first game and the dlc.
Wed Mar 18 11:04:29
Let's see if we have enough bandwidth everywhere when more and more people have to stay at home:


The spread of the coronavirus is becoming a stress test for Austria’s internet infrastructure, as internet traffic exploded virtually overnight. To protect the country’s capacities, the regulatory authority RTR has given the green light for certain online services, like video streaming, to be throttled. But Austria’s second-largest provider told EURACTIV that the country’s networks are not yet fully utilised.

The number of simultaneously running video conferences increased not only because of people working from home but also because many families and groups of friends can only communicate with each other via video calls.

In addition, people in isolation are increasingly using streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Last but not least, the internet is an essential source of information, especially for those who don’t have a television at home. However, bandwidth is a finite resource due to practical hardware limitations.

To secure the Austrian internet, mobile network operators have been allowed since Wednesday to throttle certain online services (e.g. video streams) in case of an emergency, while other services (e.g. government information portals) are transmitted at a constant speed.
Wed Mar 18 11:22:57
"You mean a thread where TC tells us what games he would own if wasn't so goddamn poor?"

Wrath, Thank you, I literally LOLed .
Wed Mar 18 12:32:55
Playing lots of MCC. Might try to pick up anthem again.

Downloaded Witcher 3 and prey. Might try one out.
Wed Mar 18 12:52:39
”already saved up for at least the first 4, u dumbass bitch.”

I can’t even imagine being so poor, I have to save money to buy 4 games. How would I look my wife in the eyes? UP if I am ever this poor, you have my blessing to put it a hit out me.
the wanderer
Wed Mar 18 13:00:00
there's a big UbiSoft sale on Steam this week, they have a number of good games imo

FarCry Primal is $6 for example
Wed Mar 18 13:10:24
I buy at retail price you peasant!
Wed Mar 18 13:15:57
Without walls of text:

- Witcher 3, rpg
- Grim Dawn, arpg
- Everspace, flight sim rogue-like
- Thea 1 & 2, light single player civ-style
- Rimworld, builder sim
- Borderlands
- Path of Exile, free arpg

- Nier Automata, action
- Days Gone, biker fps
- Marvel's Spider-Man, action
- Horizon: Zero Dawn, open world rpg
- God of War, rpg
- the already mentioned TLoU

HZD is likely to have a sequel coming out with the PS5. TLoU already has a sequal coming out in 2 months, barring delays. Spider-Man is just wildly enjoyable and has some of the best movement in a game I've ever played. Days Gone is just a fun zombie shooter. Nier Automata is one of the best stories I've played in a game.

If you haven't gotten to Witcher 3, do it. Do it for Yennefer. Also beware of Rimworld; it will suck you in. It will also turn you into a war criminal (if you aren't already).
Wed Mar 18 13:17:08
Also, GOG.com is having their coronavirus sale.
Wed Mar 18 13:31:37
Im on a retro kick replayed a bunch of old nes/snes games

Shadowgate/the uninvited/Shadowgate 64

FF1 /FF7
Faxanadu*** so underrated
Festers quest
Mario 1 ,2,3 and RPG
Lolo 1,2,3***so underrated
Dragon warrior 1,2,3

Wed Mar 18 13:56:08
Civ 4 pc. Best Vic game.
Wed Apr 01 05:25:00
graduated from oblivion to skyrim, man, skyrim has such better gameplay mechanics than oblivion.
Wed Apr 01 05:32:23
Obaminated , if you liked Skyrim try Gothic 3 (pc) a little buggy but great game. Unfortunately you can not poison your weapons, it's a glitch.
Wed Apr 01 06:19:29
” Oblivion and fuck is it fucking long. i havent even gotten to my first oblivion gate yet”

Oblivion was cool back in 2007-2009. The only thing I hated with Oblivion was all the Oblivion gates. And it was a lot of them. The main story was practically to close them down and stop the monsters from taking over da world.
Wed Apr 01 07:35:43
Been replaying God of War on hard (I begin games on normal difficulty to enjoy the game without getting overly frustrated, then come back for more challenge). Really is a good game. And Chris Judge was a great call for the voice.
large member
Wed Apr 01 08:23:15
I quite like Stellaris after the latest DLC.
Wed Apr 01 09:12:26
I disliked the 2.0 change that made hyperplane travel the main/only method of travel. Haven't played a huge amount since then. It didn't help that the 2.0 change also slowed down early game by huge amounts.
Wed Apr 01 09:42:12
I am in my early 30's and feel like an old man when it comes to video games. I still like CS:GO and 4x games mainly. I like the retro stuff more. Just don't have time to finish something like the witcher.

I actually have an old CRT with original systems setup on my main property just for the total lack of input lag. But on the go, I use a Samsung OLED Tablet and a 8bitdo m30 (genesis shaped controller).

Replaying all the marios now. You can't beat the classics.
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