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Utopia Talk / Politics / Marvel Comics goes full SJW
Thu Mar 19 19:06:55
Welcome to peak degeneracy:


IBTY is probably buying 100 copies as we speak.
sam adams
Thu Mar 19 19:13:52

Prepare my crusade flags.
Wrath of Orion
Thu Mar 19 19:54:30
I'm not sure you can call this SJW because even the SJW's hate this. They seem to have come up with a way to piss pretty much everyone off, which is actually quite impressive when you think about it.
Thu Mar 19 20:09:37
Holy fuckballs.

Definitely gonna try to get a first issue though... nobody want this and it will be gold to some insane collector in a couple of decades. Should be a funny read too.
Thu Mar 19 21:42:58
Okay so wtf.

This already happened. The new warriors - at least a couple - did help train a new generation of super hero. It was called the initiative. It was amazing.

Also avengers academy. Less amazing.

This is a rehash of the super hero registration act story and the initiative....

I fucking hate marvel.
Thu Mar 19 21:43:57
Also when and how did penance become speedball again?

He was so much better as penance.
the wanderer
Thu Mar 19 22:01:51
if it had just the Snowflake & Safespace portion i'd have been 100% sure it was a joke
Thu Mar 19 22:01:54
oh fuck this guy.
Thu Mar 19 22:07:16
Surely his vanilla latte vape pen has degraded his lungs enough to be vulnerable to Covid? I fucking hope so.
Thu Mar 19 22:08:01
I love it just for all the cucks that get triggered so hard.

Of course I won't watch it either because it's try-hard SJW bullshit.

But I do love seeing incels squirm.
Thu Mar 19 22:40:06
"pwn the incels"
"fuckin' incels support disastrous policy just to pwn the libs"
smart dude
Fri Mar 20 00:07:46
Trolling the nerds, I love it. Who gives a shit about comic books who isn't a fat, virgin, pathetic loser? My God.
Fri Mar 20 00:25:28
i guess everyone who isnt a fat, virgin, pathetic loser doesnt like seeing the mainstream media highlighting this shit. what is it like be in the extreme minority, sd?
Fri Mar 20 00:38:27
""pwn the incels"
"fuckin' incels support disastrous policy just to pwn the libs""

"comic books are comparable to running a country"
Fri Mar 20 00:56:51
> Implying Cuckhat isn't just projecting 98% of the time
Fri Mar 20 03:46:50
Foreskin, "Everyone who has any empathy or intelligence is just virtue-signalling. I can be a selfish asshat because everyone else is worst!"
Fri Mar 20 13:43:41
A super hero named Foreskin who is just a selfish asshat would be a much better character than the ones proposed.
Mon Mar 23 14:16:02
Translated this junk a few months ago
Mon Mar 23 15:00:59
Is it being a selfish asshat to laugh at the fucking soyboy who thought Safespace and non-binary Snowflake were good ideas?

Yeah, I'd take Foreskin any day

He runs around beating up Rabbis and other cosmetic surgery peddlers
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 23 22:48:11
lol@"Trailblazer" character
Her backpack gives her powers? Clearly trying to sell back packs to fat losers ;D
It'd be funny if part of her character arc were having her feet removed due to her Type II diabetes XD

"Snowflake is non-binary, and goes by 'they/them'"

lol. 90% of the comic should be these characters being bullied ;p
smart dude
Tue Mar 24 02:52:41
"what is it like be in the extreme minority, sd?"

Not giving a shit about some bullshit comic book designed to trigger incels is not being in the "extreme minority." Moron.
smart dude
Tue Mar 24 02:58:04
"Who gives a shit about comic books?"

-Smart Dude

"Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh EVERYbodDY caREs abOUt coMIC bOokS! tHIS iS SErioUS!!!111"

-Trump voter.
Tue Mar 24 15:03:27
> implying that various media forms don't help drive cultural shifts
Tue Mar 24 15:23:44
To be fair to Marvel, it's not like they could have known ahead of time that the writer (Daniel Kibblesmith) would be likely to deliver a politically loaded garbage prod-...

"Santa's Husband
by Daniel Kibblesmith, A P. Quach

On Sale: 10/10/2017


Offering a fresh twist on Kris Kringle, a clever yet heartfelt book that tells the story of a black Santa, his white husband, and their life in the North Pole.

Everyone knows that Santa Claus is jolly, but in Santa’s Husband, this cherished symbol of the holiday season is also black and gay, and married to an equally cheery man.

In this witty and sweet illustrated Christmas tale, humor writer Daniel Kibblesmith introduces us to Mr. and Mr. Claus, and gives us a glimpse of their lives together. We see the Clauses sitting by the fire at their cozy North Pole home, vacationing at the beach, having an occasional disagreement, celebrating their wedding day, and comforting each other when some loudmouth people on television angrily dispute Santa’s appearance and lifestyle.

In the weeks before Christmas, Santa’s husband helps with all the pre-Christmas work, from double-checking lists, to feeding the reindeer (organic gluten-free grains, of course), to negotiating labor disputes with the restive workshop elves. At the height of toy-making season, he even fills in for his busy hubby at the mall to ensure every child can meet the Big Guy in the red suit, and give him their wish list.

As this charming book reminds us, Santa Claus can come in all shapes and colors and sizes—just like the children and families he visits all over the world each Christmas eve.

Featuring beautiful watercolor pictures drawn by artist AP Quach, Santa’s Husband is a delightful gift for readers of all ages."

Tue Mar 24 16:26:16
This book was probably an editorial mandate.

Marvel has been hyperactive in the sjw scene since 2012, and it's only getting worse.

I'm sorry but they brought young iceman to the present, had young Jean grey tell him he is gay, and then he became gay. Iceman. He's like the playboy of the Xmen. And they turned him gay retroactively. After over 40 years.

Marvel is shit. It's too bad.

Sun Mar 29 00:34:46
"Safespace can materialize pink forcefields, but he can’t inhabit them himself"


That's not a super power.

And whats the deal with the fat.mexican her super power is that she pulls put random shit from her endless back pack, I guess dora grew up and got fat.
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