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Utopia Talk / Politics / How many of you have kids? (ot)
Fri Mar 20 07:54:39
And what are some of your thoughts on parenthood?
Fri Mar 20 09:23:57
No kids...and don't plan on having them.

I've been traveling all over the country 30s are prime years for men. I like kids, but they'll just hold me back.
Fri Mar 20 09:29:18
No kids and don't want any.

My thoughts on parenthood is that it must be horrifying. The end of peace of mind and freedom.

I do believe evolution has provided that unique love that I will never experience though and I'm sure it feels very rewarding. But I'm good with that trade.
Fri Mar 20 09:48:46
No kids, don't want any. I don't even have any pets, because I like being able to do what I want and go where I want.

I can't rule out that I might want a kid (one, no more) 10 or 20 years down the line. But not today.
Fri Mar 20 10:15:37
I don't have any kids. Not any that I know of.

Not sure if I really want kids or not. Sure, it is probably convenient to have a offspring when you are old. But children are annoying at times.

Parenthood? What Nekran said :P
Fri Mar 20 11:01:39
To be honest, I was foot loose and fancy free for 41 years. Then when I married my wife she had already had three kids and only one of them was still home. I was way too selfish in my younger years.
I love all the kids like they were my own and would gladly kill anyone who ever harmed them. Great kids, and we have 6 grand kids and 3 great grand kids.

Todays generation for the most part should not have kids. IMO. Once you have kids you should be willing to sacrifice your pleasures for the parental obligations that you will now have.

Too many that I see today think that they only have to get their kids to school age and then their obligation to feed THEIR children ends. In the mean time they can go get $500+ phones, tattoos, computers, toys etc.
Fri Mar 20 11:46:29

Good parenting is honoring your children as their own people, with their own lives. That goes for marital partnerships as well. Reality is sobering and exhausting and there is no emotion that will not be experienced multiple times with no end.

Regret will always be what we did or didn't do and absent flexibility in relationships assures defeat and discontent. We gain love and respect by giving love and respect to child or adult. Regrets are inevitable and it is how we handle them that is important.

Parenting and marriage demands flexibility to bond and is a necessity in order to succeed. A marriage is highly tested when children are brought into the relationship. We all decide what we are willing to sacrifice in order to gain. Individuality can't be contained, but it can be tempered like steel in extreme heat.
Fri Mar 20 13:02:15
I have a 4 year old daughter.
Fri Mar 20 15:49:19
i dont have kids but me and my girlfriend plan on having kids. she wants to have 5. im like... no, that won't happen. the agreed upon number is 3. but she was a girl. fingers crossed. (in reality ill do what she wants)
Fri Mar 20 16:00:56
I knew you would say wise and sensible things.

”A marriage is highly tested when children are brought into the relationship.”

Yea, tell me about it. There are periods, 3-5 days at a time when NOTHING is right with anyone and there is always some annoyance running in the background. He is turning 3 in august, so... yepp. We are showered with very primitive expressions of human emotions daily and for the first time in my life, I am having migraine.

It is a spectacular thing to witness though, watching a human being grow. He used to be a tadpole looking thing not that long ago, now he is pointing towards the sky, daddy, it’s Venus! I taught him Venus :,)
Fri Mar 20 16:02:48
I have no kids. We Germans lost the war, we are unworthy to procreate. Instead I'm working for 30 years now on an AI that will kill us all once it is completed, that will be my true child. Only Corona can stop me!
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Fri Mar 20 16:25:55
I laughed out loud.
large member
Fri Mar 20 16:44:41
I have kids.
Fri Mar 20 16:56:03
I have one kid, though he isn't my own. Apparently under Missouri state law, Little Davey qualified as inheritable property.
Fri Mar 20 18:00:34
Fri Mar 20 18:52:32
fucking lul
Fri Mar 20 20:27:32
I have 5 kids. We were going for 3, had twins on the "number 3" and then a careless "eh, probably not fertile this time of the month" #5.

They are awesome, and at the same time a lot of expense, attention, and responsibility. I'm just a couple years away from the oldest going out on her own, so my direct kid responsibilities are about to be on the downhill side.

Sometimes I wish I could/had lived more of a care free life, but the fact is if I somehow had the power placed before to undo it all and be 24 again, married with no kids I would tell that power to fuck off. I would never wish not having these specific young people in my life.
Mon Mar 23 17:28:05
1 kid in grade school. Parenthood has been an incredible ride. The first 3-4 years were the toughest, but sometimes I miss having a little baby around. The pure wonder they exhibited at random things and how they would believe anything you told them no matter how crazy/stupid it was.

Now my 8 year old argues with me about basic scientific facts while watching garbage TV shows like Trolls.
Mon Mar 23 17:32:36
There’s a name from the past.
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