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Utopia Talk / Politics / shithole implosion
The Children
Tue Mar 24 09:59:52
3rd world mudhut being xposed.

transports are packed in unreal scenes.

im just glad im at home and quit my job.

fuck this crap. imagine being packed in one of those tubes durin a deadly disease outbreak. sure corona isnt that dangerous but still.

what a fuckin shithole. this place truly is a never endin nightmare. a nightmare on earth for 9 million people every day.

nottin glamourous about being wage slaves slavin away every day even during an outbreak. unreal.


imagine the amount of slavery and indebtness one has 2 force himself 2 wake up in the mornin and travel with the overpriced cheap quality transports we got over here, even when told 2 stay at home by government becoz of outbreak of disease...

fuck imaginin, this shit is real. real life over here is a nightmare.

The Children
Tue Mar 24 10:02:33
even 3rd mudhuts like india can tell people 2 stay indoors. over here, the amount of slavery and indebtness forces wage slaves 2 risk there miserable lives in the biggest outbreak the world has ever seen of the last decade???

how fuckin crazy is this shit. unreal. imagine the slavery and slaveness. imagine the pain and sufferin all these sardines have 2 go through while they sit there inside the trains fully packed like sardines in a can, nowhere to go, knowin that 5% are contiminated carriers and that ur practically next...

just crazy shit.
The Children
Tue Mar 24 10:09:24
jesus christ, its even crazier than i remember...


i too did my time commutin this bullshit in a period that seemed 2 go on eternally and never ending. it was a horrible nightmare every day...

but i dunt remember it being that CRAZY. this shit is just CRAZZZZYYY. didnt they get the memo, there is a virus on the lose. are these people retarded.

nah, they just cant pay the cycle of never ending billz!!!!

crazzzzyyyY!!! completely packed like sardines. what if u gotta take a shit. they cant even move. CRAZZZZYYY.

the stinkin bus is usually overcrowded and u gotta either push 2 get a seat or ure shit outta luck. and gotta stand for the next 30 min.

but even that is not as crazy as this bullshit. i wuld rather jump on the rails if i have 2 do that shit like this. never again.
The Children
Tue Mar 24 10:12:52
look at picture 9...look at those faces...do they look like they r happy peoples. happy faces.

those looks says over a 1000 words.

nottin more needs 2 be said. look at the guy in picture 9...

enough fuckin said.
The Children
Tue Mar 24 10:22:20
fuckin bonkers.


it aint gonna be safe nomore next week these crazies who got infected will skyrocket.

fuckin crazy. tc needs 2 do some big groceries 2 prepare for the big isolation the comin weeks. that wuld be prudent, i think.

this shit is out of control now. the people r fuckin useless wageslaves. on one hand i understand there indebtness and slaveryness. on the other hand, why they gotta endanger me like that. i cant escape 2 the country side. what the fuck is wrong with these fuckers.

sam adams
Tue Mar 24 12:07:16
Lol 3rd world plebs on public transport.
Tue Mar 24 12:11:16
"3rd world plebs on public transport"


Also no one actually believes you "quit" your job TC. No one.
Tue Mar 24 12:30:40
” FLU TUBE UK coronavirus – Londoners STILL pack on to Tube today despite Boris Johnson’s orders to stay home”

Boris also said that max 2 people can hang out together. But on these pictures there are dozens of people packed together.
Tue Mar 24 12:47:50
”look at picture 9...look at those faces...do they look like they r happy peoples. happy faces.”

When we all lose our jobs because of corona we will all look like that.
rlver of blood
Tue Mar 24 23:38:15
I predicted this.
Wed Mar 25 00:13:50
Now china has the hantuvirus , a man has already died from it...cesspool.

The news says not to worry, but who knows.
Wed Mar 25 01:02:32
News says Hantavirus can't be transmitted between people.

Neither could HIV until the 50s

Or coronaviruses until the 60s

Hantavirus apocalypse incoming. Maybe someone is releasing all of China's viral weapons.
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