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Utopia Talk / Politics / France has a Plan
Tue Mar 24 23:55:41
Macron to immediately announce "full and complete surrender to Coronavirus."

"We will meet with our enemy in battle and do what we have always done: fight just enough ... and then completely give up.

I will meet with the coronavirus at Ferdinand Foch's Railway Car and accept any and all terms. Every French man, woman, and child is immediately expected to do his or her part."

"Bakers, cough on your croissants every morning. Citizens, kiss random people with extra tongue on the street. Every single French person is expected to spit into one another's face no matter how rude it will be considered ... Basically just keep doing what you have already been doing for centuries."

"Vive la France! ... except for the many of you who will die."
Tue Mar 24 23:59:29
The onion?
Wed Mar 25 00:01:31
No I wrote it on the toilet.
Wed Mar 25 00:11:49
Pretty good.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Mar 25 03:53:03
You know things have changed since 1940's.
large member
Wed Mar 25 04:44:46
If you want stereotypical responses, then expect the US to invade Somalia (or indeed any random 3rd world country) in retaliation for the virus outbreak it is being held responsible for.
Wed Mar 25 12:14:11
Iran, obviously
Wed Mar 25 14:33:54
If Trump wanted to become the worlds biggest asshole, he would just launch airstrikes at all Iranian hospitals and manufacturers of medical supplies in Iran and then just watch the country implode from the virus.

I'm not suggesting he do this, but it would be a hell of a way to weaken what is essentially America's #1 enemy.
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